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 Hall of Survivors (HOS)

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PostSubject: Hall of Survivors (HOS)   Sun Oct 07, 2012 2:14 pm

There r a few things that someone has to be carefull when going to hos for the first time!!!

1. when the party reaches the point where there are some huge mobs with hammers ppl with lower then 20k hp stay waaaayyyy back they have huge aoe and u can get 1 shotted!!!

2. On a particular boss a tactic is need (do colors)...that is when the horse is killed a small color icon shows next to ur minimap u run for the crystal with taht collor in one of the 4 corners and click it!!!

do the colors right means u can kill then boss... miss it for a few times and u earned ur self a raid group wipe!!!!

small video that might help:
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Hall of Survivors (HOS)
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