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 Morrok Questline!!!

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PostSubject: Morrok Questline!!!   Sun Oct 07, 2012 2:28 pm

Fractured verge - quest in Titan's Hill. The NPC is the lady s is standing next to Snoop.
No Smoke without Fire - *Pig in a pond*
A Change of Plans
Medical Emergency
Unidentified Egg
Wyrm Lair
Combing the Land
Dimlane District's Autopsy Specialist
Meet With the Weapons King
Trouble Outside the Bar
Blood Test
Talking to the Vagrant
Early Morning Starlight
seeking information
Finding the lamb
Lamb's Plea? - Talk to the little girl, then follow her.
The Lamb's Tears?
Life is hard
Broken Oath
Key Battle - Talk to him, then follow him.
Towards Avano - 54.6,78.1 - 56.5,78.5 - 54.6,78.4 - 56.4,78.5
Despicable Lies
The Bluff
Luke's Tracks - go inside the building at 55.4, 81.9 and take the right doorway and go down the stairs
The Sewers - Find the giant rat outside of DoD
Sewer Resident
Share Everything
Regulations for Exchanging Items
Means to Deal with Opponents
Returning gift
Beloved Companions
Freud's Proposal
Mister Pipe's Secret - Click on the pipe at 56.4,54.4 Click on the pipe at 55.4,56.7
Secret Base Intelligence - Go back through the sewers to the broken pipe at 56.7,55.9 to start
Go to the Milasso Forest
Ceremony Before All Else
Be on Your Guard! - Talk to Silverstar patrol around 31.6,44.0
Behemoth Skull - Morrok is in tower at 27.9,37.9
Know Full Well the Danger - Vessel is at 27.1,57.0
Strange Fragrance
How to Avoid Battle
Keep to the Instruction - Morrok Wallinder at 29.6,34.1 to accept Gather the plants around 27.7,53.8
Test on the Living Object -
use potion, run up to a Behemoth,run away. If behemoth attacks abandon the quest and try again

Mass Production
Appearances are Deceiving
Raid Plan! - Talk to Darik Silverstar at 27.5,52.9
Surprise Attack
Go to the Janost Forest - Morrok Wanderer at 48.3,55.5 to accept this quest
Meeting Arde
Slater's Request
The Meaning of Enjoying Life
The Meaning of Stars
Met the Star of Emir - go to the body at 10.4, 79.5
Strange Corpse State
Investigation Interupted
Warning to Shador
Investigate Claw Mark Clues - Talk to Resident of Kandor at 36.6,44.7
Karebas, the first envoy of the dragons
Strange Woman's Potion
Bloodthirsty Flower
Hand Over the Weapon
Secret in the Box
Agunda's Plan - Talk to the box to get this quest After you talk to Belle Allen go to 43.7,16.6
The Truth Comes to Light
Kyle's Confession
An Unexpected Message - Get this quest from Morrok Wallinder on the Titan Island
Follow the Clues
On a Strange Creature's Trail
Manticos the Dragon
Let's Split Up
Recording Crystal Retrieval
Urgent Venture - Morrok at 81.6,74.7 to accept Turn into Morrok at Tomb Researchers' Camp
Meeting Up with Friends
Strange Noises at the Abandoned Camp - Cutscene at 65.6,53.5
Special Preparations
The Phantoms' True Identity
A Brief Respite
Archaeological Work - 85.1,47.3 - 83.7,51.3 - 81.5,43.1 - 81.3,47.3 - 82.7,46.0
Explanations of the Mysterious Inscriptions - Use the furnace and then the machines behind him.
Hyrdon the Ravenous
Converse with the Spirit
Morrok's Return
Northern Janost Forest
Prepare a Trap - Grass is around 40.5,82.5
Willing Ones Take the Bait - Stand inside the circle after the cutscene then go in destroyed house
Believe Me, Child
Visiting Sley
Ayekin's Family
Sharptooth Blood
Part-Time Miracle Worker
Thin Air
Desperate Measures - in castle to right in town. Keep talking to officials attack them until complete
Midsummer Dawn
Meeting Loub Again
Old Convicts
Dealing With People
Intense Sunleaves
Mr. Duran
Always Disrepect Your Elders - Find Kargath Duran at 66.2,49.3
Return to Zaramonde
Alcohol Loosens the Tongue
Flare - stand at 61.9,60.7 to set of the flare
A New Lead
The Hand of Truth
Healing Place
Eavesdropping is a Method
Expert in Material Distibution - collect the Scorpion Tails. Morrok inside the cave at 71.5,42.7
Jill's Love
Katie's Gift
Demonstrate Attitude
Searching for Information - Wenna Bryce at 60,40.6 Raven Moa at 60,41 Maria Grey at 59.4,41
Poison Ingredients
How to Save a Good Guy
Meet Louis - He is at 50.3,61.6
Start From the Core - They are at 54.4,62.4
Preparing to Disrupt the Experiment
Disrupt the Experiment - Yallien is at 52.9,58.9
Scene of the Accident
Dragon King Experiment Clues - Data is at 56.3,71.2
Kargath's Memory
Another Kind of Hint
Langlokee and Shattered Hand
Obtain Experiment Notes
Differences Between Ancient Civilizations
Delve Deeper
Trap Plan
Sacrificial Lamb - click on the explosives to use. target souless warriors and use the explosives

Magical Reconstruction

Rescue and Tracking
Go to the Land of Malevolence - Talk to Morrock Wanderer to go to LoM
Annelia's Name - Talk Militiaman 64,43 Talk Bard Casey 64,45 Talk Mayor's Son Sid Kad 64,45
Kampel Town Hopeful Youth - talk to Hopeful Youth Murphy Dadson at 61.2,46.7
Hopeful Youth Powerless Hunter - Talk to Powerless Hunter David Norgen at 61.5,48.5
Powerless Hunter - Talk to Pharmacist Wendy Todd at 62.9,49.0
Strange Herbalist - Talk to Gourmet Feddy Townsend at 64.5,42.7
Dedicated Gourmet
Investigate the Divine Tree - Run into the walled section of Kampel Town at 60.3,48.4
Buy Candy - Talk to Confectioner Kelly Morence at 63.3,44.6
Fur Coats
Assist with Defence
Candy Ingredients - After complete quest right click on the bag of candy in your backpack
Fresh Candy - Turn this quest in to Kargath Duran to complete the "Buy Candy" quest
Kargath's Research - Talk to Jim Donald running around inside the main gate of Kampel Town.
Mysterious Message - Buried in a mound at 63.5,47.8
Determine Authenticity
Strange Circus - Talk Yaks Dunn 63.3,44.7 Myan Sidat 63.9,45.4 Parz Duncan 64.7,43.8
Infiltrate the Circus -
Get the clothes out of one of the boxes around 42.8,47.8
Change into those clothes in the cart at 41.8,48.7
Being in costume is the only way in and out of the circus. You have to have it on anytime you want to go through the barriers even after you finish this quest.
Talk to Skilled Juggler at 42.0,50.1
Talk to extraordinary Juggler at 42.1,46.00
Talk to the Chief Circus Mime at 38.5,54.8 ( It is in the room with the snake charmers on the left of the main entrance.)
Morrok Wander is in the circus behind the main room.

Energy Barrier
Spooky Painting at 36.5,48.5
Strange Bookshelf at38.6,55.3 by the Chief Circus Mime
Strange Rune Pillar is outside of the castle by the road at 46.7,49.3

Heavy Defense
Proud Rose
Test Reports for Morrock
Research Specimens for Kargath
Make Trouble - Get near the equipment and right click the micro bombs found in your bag.
Village of Disorderly Revelry - Woman 40.3,86.8 Man 40.4,86.4 Man 39.8,83.9 Davie 40.8,87.5
Listen to the Smallest Sound - Talk to Davie Weaver again
Nightmare Soul - Earth mound at 36.0,86.1
Collect Bones - Collect 3 bones and click on the mound at 36.0,86.1
Unbreakable Addiction
The Solution Begins with Understanding
Alternative Materials
Man-made Blood of the Oracles
Assist in the Experiment
Cover Tracks - Talk to Toni and then stay close to Morrock and watch the cutscene near the fountain
Benevolent Pain
Loub's Request
Divination Preparation
Traction of fate - The Old Diary Fragment is in a mound in the ghost village at 50.2,62.0
Imminent Demise
Nightmare's Source - Explosive container is at 50.4,62.0 Target Sword right click the explosives bag
Lost Past - The letter is at 50.4,60.1
Go to Mycenya City
Be My Eyes - Get this from the ghost by Toni when you get the quest "Go to Mycenya City"
Kargath's Proposal
Temptation, Disturbance
Eternal Guilt
Moment of Destiny
Annelia's Master
Secret Experiment Base - The clue is in a house at 21.8,55.7
Strange Smell
Mysterious Plague
Toni's Concern
Killing is the only way!
Take Care of the Patrol
Destroy Production Machinery. - courtyard of Grafu Castle. 31.3,68.- 7 29.4,69 -7 32.8,69.1
Fight for Justice - enter Grafu Castle instance meet party just outside the blue disk.
Intercepted Battlefield Report
Return to Dalanis - Just right click on the transport crystal in your backpack. Talk to General Lance

** Ike will have a quest called Darkness Behind the Darkness. This is not part of the Magical Reconstruction questline. It is a quest for Grafu Castle Hard**

Troop Dispatch
Return Progress
Envoy's Whereabouts
Messenger to Aren- With the Messenger to Limon downstairs at the first table in the bar by the auction house at 48.9,56.9
Messenger to Shador- Buying food around 53.5,56.0
Messenger to Angren- Behind building at 56.2,22.4
Messenger to Limon- With the Messenger to Aren downstairs at the first table in the bar by the auction house at 48.9,56.9

Full Preparations - Talk to Lady at 64.1,35.4
Arrival of the Lords - Talk to Lance again at 67.1,37.8
Temporary Council of Lords - Talk to Safir Shaquapuh at 64.4,26.1
Support from Nearby - 56.7,26.5
The King's Decision
Bestowal Ceremony
Go to Redhill Mountains
The Envoys' Unusual Situation
Peace is the Solution - Talk they start fighting, use special skill on each use until Alec walks up

** Alec Feler will have a quest called The Whereabouts of the Divine Fruit. This is not part of the Magical Reconstruction questline.**

Each Position
Go to the Fortress of the Fireboot Dwarves. - Talk to Dom Wudil at 42.0,39.1
Time of Rescue - If you can not kill the enemies quickly you will need a group for this quest.
Retain Neutrality
Audience with the Fireboot Lord -
When you go into the fireboot fortress complx do not go through the blue disk. There should be a wide set of steps going up on the right side of the steps that take you down to the blue disk.The throne room is all the way in the back.

Voice of the Kingdom
Unauthorized Action

**He will have a quest called Secret Visit. This is not part of the Magical Reconstruction questline.**

If the armaments go missing... - supplies inside underground fortress in barrels at 58.1,65.1
The Neutral Fireboot Party -
Make sure you still have one daily quest left when you do this quest. You have to complete 1 daily called Continue cleaning out the Rock Galiduns for Nukalin Ironspade to get the materials.

The attitude of a neutral party membe r-
Hull- Inside the underground fortress at 54.1,48.0
Hatka- Inside house at 25.7,31.3
Gideon- At the entrance of the above ground fortress 28.5,23.6

Information Mimicry -
There is a small path between 2 columns on the right at the bottom of the stairs leading out of the above ground fortress. Follow it until you see the general walking away. Talk to the 3 Soldiers to complete this quest.

Don't move! I have something to say! - The General is at 30.5,49.4
Turning the Tables - Red Leaf Gulos are around 46,41
Raefther's Honor
Cancel Previous Orders
Pen, Ink and Paper - Pen Talk to Servant Yalila 34.6,49.5 Ink- Talk to Malin Coppernlo 35.7,51.3
Murky Ink - Paper Buy from Fadiya Royil next to Servant Yalila
Form Connections - Once you get the paper talk to Servant Yalila to complete the quest.
Verbal Orders
Enter the Depths of the Battlefield - in a dip at 42.1,56.9. kill the 3 ghosts follow him down the hill.

Who is Behind This? -
Find some dead bodies on the battlefield Strange Battlefiled Bandits will appear. Kill them for the earrings. I farmed two bodies just east of Raru Winejar.

Bottle Fishing - Open the bottles you get by gathering and eventually you'll get the paper.
Gazelle Meat
Secret Information
Setting Out
Saving a life is like putting out a fire! - Get quest from Floren at entrance Kingdom of Kalon 48.3,64.3

Infiltrate the Lion's Den -
Follow the road outside of town down the hill until you find Soloman Julab 38.7,69.1

Flavored Liquor - Futen Whitehorn is in a mine at 71.1,71.8
Rising Suspicion - Tafee is at 63.8,62.3

Seeking Help -
After you complete the quest talk to Panilor again. You will have to talk to him twice before he ports you to Ronick for the next quest. You can't directly get to Ronick by walking.

Freedom from Imprisonment -
Disappering Prisoner- in a mine at 61.6,75.9. He appears and disappears as he walks around.
Double Prisoner- On roof at 67, 71
Talk to Kunin at 60.1,70.5 to get boxes to use to reach the roof.
Defending Prisoner- Behind a pipe at 69.4,61.7
You need light all of the fire pillars, then extinquish the back right by clicking on the front right, extinquish the front right by clicking on back left, re-light the front left, and extinquish the last two by using the front left

Strange Letters
Getting to the Bottom of Things
Pursue and Attack - Get this quest from Floren at 70.6,72.0
Request of the Dead - Get it from Tukalog at Kalon Refugee Camp 50.1,74.0
Soul's Prayers
Proceed to the Village of Dorris.
Help drive away the Doomsayers
Seach for Sanchies Matin
Collect Anecdotes
Drive off the Monsters
Help clean up the Trash
Speak with Ammator - He is upstairs in the tavern
Go to the Lipuden Valley and investigate
The source of the Pollution and Monsters - Talk to Balthaza Allonis in the basement of the building
Monster's Wish - Augustus is in a house at 43.1,82.1
The Monster's Past
Search for the Documents
Reunite with Morrok
Findings in Lipuden Valley - Talk to Ammator Pellts upstairs in the Tavern to get this quest.
Who is Axel?
Organized the Gathered Information
Interrogate Them! - Ardama Cassidy- In a house at 42.7,83.0
Ask about Mayor Ardama Cassidy - Bennita Lundy- 39.8,82.3
Inquire about the corpse superintendent - Shade Vilassio- in the pile of corpses at 38.7,81.7
Inquire about the expert corpse collector
Mulling Over the Situation in Sardo Castle
Request to meet with Lord Jacklin Sardo - Talk to Cob Galin at 31.3,87.2
Getting the Cold Shoulder
Taking off their clothes!
Mission Impossible - Axel at 30.0,87.9 Scour the area Just check all of the sparkly places then Axel
It looks like half a Wyrm - Get quest by clickin dragon piece during the quest Scour the area
I can only rely on you...!!
A Familiar Helping Hand
Futen Whitehorn's News
A Brief Goodbye
Leave this cursed place!
Invite the envoy to a meeting - Traditional Dorris Treats
The Flavor of a Special Treat - Proud Rib Fillet
The Wild Taste of Mushrooms
Expose what's really going on
Armistice Treaty from the Special Envoy
Survivor's Request - Peter Gygax at 32.8,94.7
Just stick your hand in and fish around
Unfulfilled Wish
Attend the meeting between the two kingdoms
Disrupt the Sardo Castle Preparations
Describe the event
An Explanation to the Mayor
Ask Ammator Pellts for help
A Heartbreaking Fact
Awaiting the Lionheart Knight Reinforcements
A Long Time to Wait - Lionheart Knight in Sardo outsideentrance where it turns to Tergothen Bay
Awaiting the King's Arrival
New Policy
Begin the Investigation. - Talk tucker Angley 72.2,39.4 Lattis Craven 72.6,34.0 Marion Duluk 74.2,34.7
Missing Woodcutter - Get quest Mayda Shioth at 72.5,34.4 - Bobo is at 76.2,14.8
Seagull in a cage - Kill Ragemane Shamans until the toolbag drops
The Sardo Castle Secret Document - from Morrok right after you get the Investigation quest.
A meeting with the rebels?! - quest after turn previous quest to Toni Talk Mokalif at 73.5,39.9
Wandering Prince
The other prince?
THe King's Position
Message Delivery
The Report Didn't Come for Free
Mid-Journey Investigation - Meet Jill Ayekin in the valley at 64.5,24.7
Accidental Explosion - pick herb assassin will appear. Kill him, go back to Loub another assassin
Long Dead Corpses
Go to Icestream Village - Talk Amador Sais in tent Sadis Post before you go Icestream Village
Rock Crystal Caravan's Order - Talk to Abog Wyatt at 57.9,39.7
Suspicious Reaction
Information from a Beggar
Conditions of Exchange
Information in Hand

The Difference between Right and Wrong -
Once you complete this quest you can go to Icestream village
There is a small path and cave outside of the left side of Pirana Port. follow through cave until you get to beach. turn right, move up the path and keep turning right until you get to a large flat area.

An Accident Occurred
Dragons and the Forbidden Runes - Click on the dragon corpse
Safir Shaquapuh's Research
Help and Watch the Actions
Torag Caravan Seagulls
Meet Shana Port
Find out Will's Whereabouts - Bart Milton at 53.8,57.4
Suspicious Thief Incident - Assen Jerome at 58.3,59.0
Yagean's Undead Army - Lane Barney is in the central fountain in the city at 39.0,65.1
Hanging Unknown Result
Shana Port's Clever Strategy
Meet with Vilas Katz - Vilas Katz is in some ruins at 64.1,71.6
The Plan's Key Players
Preparing for Action - John Carter at 59.4,81.7
Raid the Ankes Gang

Decisive Battle with Ankes Strangeclaw -
Go to the watchtower south of John Carter and you should see the Phantom of Ankes Strangeclaw on the platform at the top ofthe steps. Hit him until you get a debuff called Anke's Prey. Once you get the debuff let him chase you back to where John Carter is and set the trap.

The Commander's Final Decision
Strangeclaw's Surprising Position
Disguise - Aaron Taut at 57.8,68.0
The Start of the Infiltration - Put on the Imperial Army Disguise and go meet Vilas Katz at 62.2,66.8
Creating an Escape Route - Place runestone in far corner right side of castle in front of gate 29.2,61.0

The Big Gate Ahead
Emergency Delivery - Talk to Fesloh Tadarn at 39.4,50.5
Lobbyist - The king is in the bar below Mr. Figg's Wine Glass at 42.3,74.1

Messenger Pigeon -
Firefly Behind tent 39.3,51.6
Iswan Giant- By the fountain at 40.1,63.8
Midonor- Outside the entrance to the bar at 41.8,73.2

Lechif Lord
All on the Table
Will Kanches - Go through the blue disk on the right.
Let the dialog continue - Talk to Yagean Kanches
Catch Will - Will is at 40.1,64.4
Undead Arms Dealer
A Name - Molly Schiller is at 27.1,52.4
A practical joke? - Lorr Shifa is behind the first tent at 24.5,69.9
Face to Face - Sismond is in the far back corner of the platforms at 23.9,76.6
The Unxpected
This is not a request, it's an order!
Speak with the true dragon, Lojence
A true dragon's Rage - Sismond is outside he entrance to the valley at 69.5,62.4
The King of the Fire Dragon's Danger
Disaster Aversion - The Promise roots are outside of the entrance to the valley scattered around.
The meeting will begin immediately
Clearing up Doubts
New Alliance
Battle Preparations
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PostSubject: about Morrok's questline   Mon Oct 08, 2012 8:32 am

Morrok's questline opens and other quests..for me do all of them and DONT abdon any quest cause some of these if u abdon them u cant take them again and u will lose the quest line :/
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PostSubject: Re: Morrok Questline!!!   Mon Oct 08, 2012 9:15 am

this is not the point thief...yes he unlocks other quests too and yes one must not abandon any quest but the point is to have one of the longest, most important questlines in here to help others!!!

so other members know where it starts , how it continues and where it ends!!!!

its the same like using runesdatabase for info but now u have it in ur guild forum!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Morrok Questline!!!   

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Morrok Questline!!!
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