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 Elite Skills - Knight

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PostSubject: Elite Skills - Knight   Mon Oct 08, 2012 10:46 am

Elite Skills Knight


Holy Light's Fury
Inflicts 8...168 points of Light damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds.

Holy Smite
You lash out with all your holy power, inflicting 70...1470 points of damage. (Target must be affected by Holy Light's Fury)

Holy Protection
Targets aggro rate is reduced by 1...21% for 600 seconds.

Free Will
Target is immune against Root and Slow effects for 10 seconds.

Firm Courage
Increases the physical damage your Shield of Valor can block.

Concentration Practice
Increases the accuracy of your physical attacks by 2...25.

Great Inspiration
Increases maximum HP of Resolution and completely resists the next attack.

Holy Illumination
Boosts the healing capacity of party members within a radius of 60 by 3...15% for 15 seconds.


Arrow of Vengeance
Fires an arrow with high hatred that taunts your target. (Requires ranged weapon.)

Enhanced Holy Strike
Increases the main weapon damage of your Holy Strike.

Holy Chains
Roots your target with your holy powers for 10...30 seconds. (Can only be used on undead and demons)

Heavenly Arrow
As you pray for the power of the holy Light, an arrow of Light shoots down from the sky and taunts up to 10 enemies within range.

Weaken Weapon Strength
When you use your Heavenly Arrow to taunt a target, it has a certain chance to lower the damage of its physical attacks.

Sacred Resistance
Causes 60...240% ranged weapon DPS to your target and has a chance to increase your dexterity by 20...120. Effective for 10 seconds. (This effect will only trigger once every 20 seconds.)

Sacred Protection
Focuses holy energy onto your shield, temporarily increasing your chance to shield block by 30...225 for 20 seconds.

Disregard Danger
Shares the damage of one attack on a party member, taking upon yourself 40...80% damage of the attack. (Cannot be cast on yourself.)


Whirlwind Shield Mastery
Increases the main hand weapon damage dealt by Whirlwind Shield.

Two-Handed Axe Training
You can now equip two-handed axes with damage increased by 5...35%.

Deadly Whirlwind
The rage cost for Whirlwind is reduced by 10 points, cooldown is reduced by 20 seconds. For 10 seconds the target suffers Deadly Wounds and the effectiveness of healings is reduced by 30%.

Quick Reflexes
Gives you panther-like reflexes. Raises your parry rate by 20...220 for 20 seconds.

Increases your courage. For 5 seconds immune against Fear.

Master of Parry
Increases your parry rate by 300. (Disappears after two successful blocks)

Survival Instinct
When attacked while under the protection of Shield of Valor or Shield of Discipline, your physical defense and dexterity will temporarily increase. Lasts for (Buff-Time-503289) seconds.

Authoritative Deterrence
Forces a target to face and attack you. Also decreases the next two physical and magical damage you receive by 5...35%. Effective for 10 seconds.


Holy Light Domain
The power of the holy light in you inflicts (DMG-502050) points of Light damage to all targets within range every 2 seconds. Also adds a Holy Illumination, which reduces target's attack damage by 0...0%. Lasts for (Buff-Time-502051) seconds.

Lightning Shield
Your Whirlwind Shield now Slows the target for 5 seconds.

Lightning Armor
Lightning flows over your armor causing (DMG-502097) points Wind damage to anyone attacking you, but does not affect critical hits.

Mana Shield
Each point of damage absorbed by the Mana Shield will cost 1 MP. This shield will last 30 seconds.

Enhanced Mana Return
Enhances the effect of your Mana Return.

Hall of Order
Increases your Holy Light Domain hatred, and extends the effect by 6 seconds

Wind of Protection
Bestows wind energy on your Lightning Armor so that you restore mana when you are attacked.

War Prayer
Activates Light Seals on the target's body., temporarily boosting your own parry rate by 10...130 for 12 seconds. (Three Light Seals must be stacked upon the target's body.)


God's Sword
Your Holy Strike's chance to do critical damage is increased by 40%.

Direct attack on your enemy causing 80...1480 main hand weapon DPS. (Can only be used after you inflicted a critical hit.)

Blind Stab Mastery
Extends the Blind effect of your Blind Stab by (Buff-Time-501990) seconds.

Crazy Blades
For 20...220 seconds your chance to deal critical hits with physical attacks is increased by 5...105.

Dance of Two Blades
The whirling weapons inflict 40...200% main hand weapon DPS to multiple targets for 2 times.

Leopard Instinct
Stimulates your leopard-like reaction abilities and increases dodge rate by 30%. (Disappears after two successful dodges)

Panther's Blessing
When attacked while under the protection of Shield of Valor or Shield of Discipline, your dodge rate will increase temporarily. Lasts (Buff-Time-503282) seconds.

God's Vengeance
Whenever you successfully use Holy Strike, there is a chance you can also boost your own defense. (This effect can only be triggered once in a 40-second period.)
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PostSubject: Re: Elite Skills - Knight   Mon Oct 08, 2012 3:41 pm

The level 60 elite skills.


Angel Salvation (60)
Uses the holy light to resurrect a player. (Can be used in battle.)


Evil Shackles (60)
Holy Chains is not limited to any target type, but when target is not an Undead or Demon target, effect time is reduced by half.


United Efforts (60)
Rushes to party members and provides a shield for them and you. Reduces Physical Damage and Magical Damage by 30%. Lasts for 6 seconds.


Magic Healing (60)
While your Mana Shield is in effect, an extra 1% of HP is recovered every second.


Approach (60)
Makes your Shadow Step carry a taunting effect and damage reduction effect for 6 seconds.
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Elite Skills - Knight
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