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 Elite Skills - Priest

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PostSubject: Elite Skills - Priest   Mon Oct 08, 2012 10:49 am

Elite Skills Priest


Enhanced Grace of Life
Your Grace of Life also increases the maximum MP.

Life Link
Your Urgent Heal now also heals you.

Last Prayer
Your next spell's casting time is reduced to 1 second.

Divine Incarnation
By transforming into a Divine Incarnation the effectiveness of your heals is increased by 15% and the MP cost is reduced by 30%, but magic attack also decreases by 50%.

Calm Heart
Cast on a friendly target making it resist Fear for 10 seconds.

Sacrificial Cure
Sacrifice your own life energy to restore a party member's HP by 30...99.

Holy Power
Temporarily increases your wisdom by 30...480 for 20 seconds. Effect disappears once 3 healing spells have been cast.

Light Fairy
Summons a light fairy to assist you.


Snake Curse
Your curse inflicts 16...224 points of Dark damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds on your target.

Infectious Wound
Infects target's wounds, causing 30...405 points of Dark damage and lowers the effectiveness of heals received by the target by 2...52%. Lasts 12 seconds.

Quick Spellcasting
Uses your Nimble Hands for greatly increased spell casting speed.

Removes all beneficial effects on target.

Lure of the Snake Woman
Lures the target into a poisoned dreamland for (Buff-Time-502906) seconds. Inflicts 10...160 Dark damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.

Shadow Fury
Increases the whole party's magic crit rate by 10...130 for 600 seconds.

Snake Spirit
Replenishes your mana when the effect of your Snake Curse wears off. (This effect can only be used on one target at one time.)

Shadow Fairy
Summons a shadow fairy to assist you.


Battle Monk Stance
When activated, physical attack is raised by 30...330 points, defense is raised by 4...44%, but healing effectiveness is reduced by 3...33%. This stance lasts 600 seconds.

Explosion of Fighting Spirit
Mana is converted into fighting spirit to charge the target and inflict 80...280% main hand weapon DPS. (Requires the Battle Monk Stance)

Fighting Spirit Combination
Releases two successive bursts of fighting spirit, that cause 90...315% main hand weapon DPS. (Requires the Battle Monk Stance)

Ascending Dragon Strike
By transforming rage into the dragon form, you inflict 180...540% main hand weapon DPS. (Requires the Battle Monk Stance)

Power Build-Up
Converts Mana into fighting spirit, which accumulates in you. Your next physical attack inside 15 seconds does double damage. (Requires the Battle Monk Stance.)

Vindictive Strike
Inflicts 300...1200 DPS on the target, inflicting, and Stuns it for 5 seconds.

Condensed Rage
Instantly gain 45 rage and lets you enter Condensed Rage state for 10 seconds. When attacked in this state you recover (DMG-503301) HP.

Fire Fairy
Summons a fire fairy to assist you.


Frost roots your target for 10...30 seconds. (Effect is removed when target receives damage.)

Remove Curse
Removes curse from target.

Angel's Blessing
The Angel's Blessing grants your party restoration of additional 10...50 MP every 5 seconds. Lasts 600 seconds.

Angel's Carol
Angels appear among the group and all party members regenerate (DMG-502064) MP every 2 seconds. Lasts 10 seconds.

Lightning Rod
If Bone Chill is on the target, striking it with Lightning will also cause an Electric Shock, which raises suffered Water and Wind damage for 20 seconds.

When you use Heal, there is a chance to temporarily increase your Wisdom.

Icewind Blade
Water and wind energies combine to form a sharpened blade that inflicts 30...480 Wind damage and 30...480 Water damage to the target.

Wind Fairy
Summons a wind fairy to assist you.


Embrace of the Water Spirit
Your prayer for the blessing of the water spirit raises your and your party's magic attack by 20...620 points for 1800 seconds.

Throat Stab
Increase the range of Throat Attack.

Enhanced Wave Armor
Your Wave Armor now also increases defense.

Tide Control
Rising Tide now additionaly causes ranged weapon damage.

Curing Shot
Shoots an arrow filled with the power of Light on 5 friendly targets within reach, healing them for 20...170 HP and additionally restores 10...85 HP per second for 10 seconds.

Ice Blade
Turns magic into a knife blade to attack the target, causing 25...400 points of water damage.

Saint's Blessing
When you cast a Heal on a friendly target with HP lower than 30%, the healing effect is enhanced by (Buff0-503283).

Water Fairy
Summons a water fairy to assist you.
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PostSubject: Re: Elite Skills - Priest   Mon Oct 08, 2012 3:35 pm

The level 60 elite skills


Devotion Halo (50) (2nd skill at 50 for fairy)
Raises the Wisdom of party members within a radius of 200 by 5.0% and reduces the mana cost of the other party members' skills by 6.0%.

Splendor Ripple (60)
When Wave Armor is cast, it will recover extra HP for the target.


Wraith Halo (50) (2nd skill at 50 for the fairy)
Raises the Magical Attack Power of party members within a radius of 200 by 10.0% and increases the master's Dark Damage by 10.0%.

Toxic Feedback (60)
Makes your Snake Curse have a chance to make the next Heal an instant spell.


Accuracy Halo (50) (2nd skill at 50 for the fairy)
Increases the physical attack accuracy of party members within a radius of 200 by 6.0%. While this effect lasts, the critical hit chance of the master's Ascending Dragon Strike increases and using Explosion of Fighting Spirit has a chance of inflicting even greater damage.

Light Healer Fighting Spirit (60)
When Fighting Spirit Combination hits a target, it can recover the caster's HP.


Windrider Halo (50) (2nd skill at 50 for the fairy)
Raises the magical accuracy of party members within a radius of 200 by 6.0% and the master's Heal increases by 5.0%.

Element Defense (60)
Casting Group Heal will earn a blessing that reduces Received Physical Damage and Received Magical Damage by 3%. Can be stacked a maximum of 3 times.


Frost Halo (50) (2nd skill at 50 for the fairy)
Lowers the Received Magical Damage of party members within a radius of 200 by 10.0%. Also while Frost Halo is in effect, the Critical Magical Hit Chance of Rising Tide increases by 10% and damage caused by Ice Blade increases by 10%.

Area of Light Chain (60)
When Chain of Light hits, it recovers the HP of all party members within an area of 60.


Infused Light Chain (15)
Increases damage caused by Chain of Light and doesn't require cooldown time. Hits can carry an extra addition of rage.

Heart Rune Energy (20)
Restores 35.0 HP to friendly targets. Also increases caster's Wisdom by 2.0% for 7.0 seconds.

Protection Rune Seal (25)
Increases Regeneration's healing effect and carries an 8% chance to immediately reset the cooldown time of Heart Rune Energy every time Regeneration is invoked.

Healing Diamond Light (30)
Converts 2.0% MP to Diamond Light every second while in effect. Also recovers 35.0 + 0.20 x INT HP for all party members in contact in a range of 120.
(This state ends when MP has been exhausted.)

Diamond Light Activation (35)
Immediately recovers 33.0% MP and increases amount of healing by 4.0% for 15.0 seconds.
The maximum level of this skill is 50.

Quick Heal (40)
Increases the amount of HP restored by Heart Rune Energy when current target's HP falls below 40%.

Rune Footstep (45)
Increases Movement Speed by 10.0% and Healing by 5.0% for 10.0 seconds.

Beacon of Regeneration (50)
After a beacon has been created on a friendly party member, it will restore 35.0 points of this member's HP every time you invoke a healing effect.
(Beacon of Regeneration lasts for 30.0 seconds.)


Psychic Passage (15)
When Psychic Arrows hit, this skill restores 50.0 HP to the target's current target.
The maximum level of this skill is 50.

Touch of Revival (20)
Restores 70.0 HP to all party members in a fan-shaped range of 120.

Prayer of Tribulation (25)
Continuously heals a friendly target 4 times. Each time restores 30.0 HP. When target's HP reaches over 40%, the skill increases the target's Physical Defense and Magical Defense by 2% for 10.0 seconds. When the target's HP falls below 40%, this skill can be stacked 2 times at once, up to 8 times.

Soul Cleansing Ceremony (30)
Cleanse can also remove cursed states.

Spirit Jump (35)
Blessed by the holy spirit, you are able to pull a friendly target close to you.

Spirit Spring (40)
Blessed Spring Water can increase the healing you receive.

Holy Salvation Candle (45)
Once this is used, your next Holy Aura can be cast on friendly targets. However, the effect time is reduced by 2 seconds.

Spirit Embodiment (50)
Summons the Spirit Embodiment. For the duration of its existence, the embodiment will recover 90.0 HP for the party member with the lowest HP every time a spell is cast. It also reduces Received Physical Damage and Received Magical Damage by 10.0% for 5.0 seconds.
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Elite Skills - Priest
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