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 Elite Skills - Warden

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PostSubject: Elite Skills - Warden   Mon Oct 08, 2012 10:58 am

Elite skills Warden


Anti-Magic Arrow
Inflicts 70...280% ranged weapon DPS and may restore 20...250 of your mana. (Requires ranged weapon.)

Beast Tamer
Increase your pet's critical hit rate by 5...55 and dodge rate by 5...55.

Next time you summon pet, it will only take 1 second.

Centaur's Arrow
An arrow infused with the strength of centaurs. Inflicts 30...345 points of damage on the target. <CS>(Right-click to initiate automatic attack)</CS>

Secret Agreement
Permanently increases your melee weapon damage by 5...17.5% and all damage caused by Chiron the Centaur by 5...35%.

Morale Boost
Increases your and your party members' physical damage by 30...135 and magical damage by 20...90, for 30 seconds.


Wind Chop
Inflicts 90...360% main hand weapon DPS, and may also inflict 20...340 wind damage, which consumes 2...52 mana.

Tough Oak
Increases your pet's defense by 5...55% and reduces Punch CD time by 1 second

Oak Blessing
Enhances Heart of the Oak health effect and restores health every 5 seconds.

Nature's Revenge
Inflicts 200...1100 points of earth damage on targets.

Spiritual Feedback
Reduces the HP consumption of your Spirit Attack by 10%. Additionally, a successful hit can increase your own and your pet's magical damage.

Crystal Protection
When your Nature Crystal dies, physical and magical damage done to friendly party member in a range of 100 is reduced by 20...70% for 10 seconds.


Double Chop
Inflicts 60...225% main hand weapon DPS twice.

Beast Chop
Inflicts 80...320% main hand weapon DPS and may raise your pet's physical attack by 2...15% for 10 seconds. (Can be triggered only once every 20 seconds)

Forces the target to turn towards the pet for 5 seconds.

If your Spirit of the Oak dies, your defense will be increased by 5...35% for 20 seconds. Additionally your normal attacks have a chance to make your target unable to use skills for 4 seconds. But you cannot summon a Spirit of the Oak for the next 40 seconds.

Pulse Mastery
Master the savage forces inside of you. Savage Power will increase your physical attack power even more.

Resonance of Life
Sacrifices your Spirit of the Oak to pour its vigor into your body. You recover 30 HP. Additionally, increases you maximum HP by 5% for 12 seconds.


Achilles' Heel Strike
Attacks the target's Achilles' heel. Inflicts 80...320% main hand weapon DPS, and it may raise the critical hit rate of yourself and your pet by 5...65 for 10 seconds. (Can be triggered only once every 20 seconds)

Thorn Upgrade
Increases damage done by thorny vines and restores your mana when the effect ends.

Gravel Attack
Inflicts 90...337.5% main hand weapon DPS on target. Each successful hit may also inflict 15...165 points of additional earth damage every 2 seconds for 6 seconds. Effect consumes 5...125 MP.

Soul of the Spirit Tree
Increases the damage inflicted by Power of the Wood Spirit. When the target's HP reaches 30%, the critical hit chance of the Wood Spirit increases by 15%.

Store Power
Slightly increases the damage of your Charged Chop, and also increases its critical hit rate by 10%.

Critical Feeling
If your Oak Walkers' skill successfully hits its target, there is a chance that your next 2 attacks within 15 seconds will become critical. (This effect can only be triggered once every 30 seconds.)


Removes poison state from one friendly target.

Magic Control
Restricts target's magic energy. Decreases target's magic attack by 2...10% for 20 seconds.

Quick Reflexes
Increases pet physical critical resistance by 5...80 points and dodge rate by 5...80 points.

Earth Spirit Essence
Cloaks your weapon in the power of earth. Normal attacks inflict 100...600 points of earth damage for 600 seconds.

Natural Spring
If your Nature Crystal's skill successfully hits its target, there is a chance that team members in a range of 100 will be restored 5 MP. (This effect can only be triggered once every 15 seconds.)

Your Elven Prayer can bestow an additional spell onto your pet temporarily increasing physical and magical damage.
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PostSubject: Re: Elite Skills - Warden   Mon Oct 08, 2012 2:16 pm

The ones missing and the level 60 elite skills.


(A little correction here)

Untamable (25)
Inflicts 100%.0% main hand weapon DPS on the target.

Summon Chiron the Centaur (30) (2 elite skills at level 30)
Summons the centaur Chiron to help you in battle.

Valiant Shot (45)
Inflicts 45.0 physical damage and increases the Physical Attack Power of pet and master by 8.0% for 15.0 seconds.
(After the effect has ended it cannot be triggered again for 25.0 seconds.)
(Right-click to initiate automatic attack)

Sacrifice (50)
Sacrifices your pet to restore 50.0% HP and 50.0% MP. However, your pet will be exhausted and unable to move for 30.0 seconds.

Forest Surround (60)
Increases Chiron the Centaur's Casting Speed by 50%.


Narrow Escape (45)
Lets your pet be reborn after death.

Pet Enhance (50)
Temporarily enhances your pet, increasing its Physical Attack Power and Physical Damage by 30.0% for 30.0 seconds.

Resonation of Wind (60)
When your Wind Chop hits a target and triggers Wind Damage, this will reduce your Power of the Oak cooldown time by 5 seconds.


(A little correction here)

Immortal Power (30)
Immortal power flows from the deepest recesses of your being. You can withstand Received Physical Damage and Received Magical Damage three times over the course of 15.0 seconds.

Resilience of Life (40)
Allows you to equip plate armor, and also reduces the damage received from monsters by 5%.

Will Attack (45)
When your Frantic Briar hits the target, it will reduce the damage dealt by target by 10.0% for 10.0 seconds.

Coat of Arms (50)
When you cast Coat of Arms on a friendly party member, it increases your and the friendly member's Physical Defense and Magical Defense by 3.00% for 20.0 seconds.

Elf Blessing (60)
When Elven Guidance is used, it causes an increase of the caster's Physical Defense and recovers HP every second.


Walker Spirit (45)
Awakens the spirit of the Oak Walker within you, temporarily increasing your movement speed by 50.0% and dodge rate by 50.0% for 10.0 seconds.

Together (50)
Immediately inflicts 300.0% main hand weapon DPS to your target and simultaneously increases the damage dealt by you and your pet by 10.0% for 15.0 seconds.

Force Fountain (60)
While your Heart of the Oak is in effect, it causes an additional increase in Strength.


(A little correction)

Remove Curse (15)
Removes curse from target.

Blade of Protection (45)
An attack with the Power to Protect. Inflicts 70.0% main hand weapon DPS. Upon hitting a target it may increase the Physical Defense of party members within a radius of 70 by 1.0% for 10.0 seconds. (Increases the Physical Defense by a maximum of 10.0%.)

Thorn Sigil (50)
Forces the target to turn towards you, and you become the one with the most aggro. Also increases your aggro by 10% in the next 15 seconds.

Briar Control (60)
Your Briar Shield increases your Healing and Received Healing. Every time you use Thorn Sigil, you earn a shield that is 5% of Maximum HP.
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Elite Skills - Warden
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