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 How to do the alarms in Ds

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PostSubject: How to do the alarms in Ds   Tue Oct 09, 2012 7:33 am

1) set loot on free for all - lowbies stay at entrance
2) 2 strongest guys run, each to 1 boss and loot rune
3) leave party and hope not to get killed during transition (avoid mobs)
4) get back into party and enter DS
5) run to pillars and CLICK CLICK CLICK!!!
6) if you have rogue as runner: sneaks to 1st boss else both runners go to 1st boss
7) everyone gets tp'ed to 1st boss and kill boss
Cool lowbies tp to entrance
9) story starts over again till 2nd alarms done
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How to do the alarms in Ds
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