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 Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom - Guide

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PostSubject: Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom - Guide   Tue Oct 09, 2012 7:44 am

Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom (Heroic)

Level Requirements: 50+
Bosses: 6


Mobs should be not to hard, don't pull to big groups.

Mole King
Tank and spank, sometimes spawns some adds.

This boss has 2 specials. He random freezes people and he casts ''Triple Slash'' which 1-hits the tank. As soon someone gets frozen a player has to run to the oven and put himself on fire. He then has to run back to the frozen person and walk near him. Do this everytime.
As soon Cook casts the Slash, the tank should take distance immediatly, this is a deadly skill. Cook should be tanked at the top of the small stairs. NOONE should stand downstairs, or else you'll receive a 50k AoE.

Icebound Guardian
Once again, this boss has 2 specials. Runic Shock, which 1-hits nearly everyone and a 80k AoE. As soon you attack this boss, circles will appear. These circles go in a pattern on the left and the right side.


These circles give you a 12 second buff if you stand in it. It's very important to keep this buff, or else the 80k AoE will kill you. If you have the Runic Shock debuff on you, it can be dispelled, but it's more wise to just not stand close to the boss. As soon he casted his AoE of 80k, he stands up again and he spawns a repair bot. Kill the repair bot as soon as possible. If you die by his AoE, then you will not lose dura/get debt.

Mula Nail
Don't go near the platform till you killed the whole room. After that stand on the platform. 1 by 1 generals will appear. Kill them both. Then the real boss appears and the 2 generals. There's a healing General and an other General. ofcourse, let the offtank tank both the Generals and let him kill the Healer General first. The main tank should be on a safe distance from the group with the boss. The boss has decent high damage and casts whirlwind chop, which is about the same as slashes and can 1-hit everyone near him.

Kill the Earth Guardians on one side first.
Tank aggroes, everyone else stays as far as possible (still need to able to heal, cast and so on)
He deals constant AoE, and constantly spawns adds. Also 6k hits on the tank from time to time.
The problem is that he gives everyone in the party debuffs which increase the casting time/attack time, and it stacks. Each debuff increases casting time by 2%, and u get a new stack every 5-10 seconds (not sure). At the end of the battle you will have something like 75 of the buffs which is 2,5 times ur normal casting time, which makes group heal a 10 second cast. The debuff is not removable, dispellable or so on. Basically what you could so is go out of battle to get it removed. If you have 2 priests you have to do that very offten, so that the buff on one of the priests would not get big, and that the priest would be able to soloheal tank for a while, so that the other one could go get the debuff removed. For the mages and DD its pretty much easy because they are not always essential in the battle they can go and get it removed when they want. For the tank - at the end of the battle he becomes a piece of meat which is getting hit and is not doing any damage.

Also the boss spawns 3 or 5 adds (not sure) constantly, as soon as you kill them another wave spawns and so on. So whole battle someone has to keep killing the adds. For mages I would not advise to use purgatory or thunderstorm, because the mobs have 30k hp and its not that easy to kill them, and as we all understand, if the mage gains aggro, he will have some problems tanking 3-5 adds. So the best way is kill 1 by 1.

This is a somewhat hard, and messy fight, where you have to keep check of more then one thing at the same time.

1. Everyone should position themselves in like a halfcircle behind the boss and at his sides. This will give you space to run chickens, and to avoid the % AoE.

2. Don't go outside the lava pool. Burnout will hit you for 50k+.

3. The boss can turn one of the party members into a "chicken". Looks like the fire giants, but smaller. The chicken is a 4-6 second or so debuff, and when it ends, it spawns a chicken where you are standing. If you go near this chicken, it will continually hit you for 1.2k, quite fast. What you need to do when you get turned into a chicken is move away from the group, and park it a little bit away from group. When the debuff ends, start moving back to your position fast, to avoid getting hit too much by the chicken.

This is the most important thing to remember. Keep an eye out for the chicken debuff. Move away when you get it. Move back when it ends.

4. He does a 2 second fear. This might put you outside the lava pool at times, or on a chicken. Move back to your position as fast as possible and continue what you we're doing.

5. The % attack can be avoided, I think its his firebreath. You avoid it by standing behind him or at his sides, this way only the tank takes the hit. Hero pot and food for the tank is encouraged for this fight.
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Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom - Guide
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