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 Origin - Guide

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PostSubject: Origin - Guide   Tue Oct 09, 2012 7:45 am


Level requirements: 55+
Bosses: 4

Life Leecher
This boss hits hard (so you need a good tank) and has several specials. First is a fear spell, which can be interrupted (something with shock in the name). Second is a bunch of black vermin like creatures, one for each player, and with the same space between them as how the players are standing. These need to be killed (Thunderstorm works well) since they do massive damage if they reach you. Note that since they spawn as far apart as the players it is much easier if everyone stands close together.
He also summons a clone which looks exactly like him, but is much easier to kill and doesn't hit as hard. An offtank can take this one out.
Last skill is one where a player gets rooted and takes damage every time someone damages the boss. This is a dangerous skill for many, since it can be a killer if the vermin appear behind the boss and someone TSes the boss to kill them.

Razor Lurker
First, you have to find a hidden npc above the hill (it's near a tree), a system message will pop after that and then 6 golems and several spiders will spawm around the area Razor Lurker is in. The spiders will attack and use dot's on the golems, if the golems die, you will not be transformed into monsters. If u suceed to save all golems, then fight start as normal. Spider hits hard, let someone tankable starting at 12o clock aggro them running clockwise and someone aggro them running counterclock, then meet at 6o clock with all mobs, aoe them. Healer stay alert to heal and regen the golems if needed, tankable using aoe and speed pot is safer.

They tranform you into monsters (random), the earth mob is the tank. Transformations changes each 45 seconds. Tank needs to turn the boss away from the others cause he has frontal cone aoe. After 8min, you are back to human (which means death, too hard to tank, just swap and die).

1) Earth Elemental (Tank) - Turn boss away from party gather earth energy with skill 3 then use skill 1. Use Skill 2 for DPS when the others aren't available
2) Tree (healer)- Select tank. Use skill 2 (single target heal), when skill 2 in cooldown use skill 1. When both 1 and 2 are in CD use skill 3.
3) Air Elemental (DPS) - Use Skill 3 always when available to weaken it. When skill 3 CD use the other 2 for DPS (one of them needs the water elemental to put the debuff first on boss)
4) Water Elemental (DPS)- Select tank nd use skill 1 to protect it. Then dps boss until skill 1 cools down, in which case you will select tank and use it again. (one of the skills needs the air elemental to put the debuff first on boss)
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Origin - Guide
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