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 Hos - Guide

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PostSubject: Hos - Guide   Tue Oct 09, 2012 7:51 am

Location: Silverspring
Level: 55+
Raidable?: Yes
Total Mentos Dropped: 46
Difficulty: Medium
Difficulty levels: Easy and Normal
Status on Guide: missing cast names, screen shots

Hall of survivors, or HoS for short, is the popular 12-man raid of an instance. Located in the upper corner of Silverspring, this instance tells the story of the robot and human relationship. With seven bosses and much loot to be dropped, this instance is still popular today for the infamous Dilan’y ring and Lightning Sword.

Specific Requirements
Tanks will want to be hovering around 30 k hp. This is so they can take the heavy hits from bosses. Healers will want at least 20 k hp so they can keep the party alive. DPS classes can be a minimum of 12 k hp but expect to die several times. Casters will want to be higher; around 15 k should be okay.

En Route to First Boss
Before entering into HoS, grab a few Grassland Mixes if you can. This will be located to the right of the entrance if you’re running in straight on. The codex standing against the wall, Loki Debloom, will sell some goodies that will be very helpful in this instance if you are undergeared. Grasslands grant roughly another 5 k hp, and the pots like Lizard’s Blood and Tiger’s Fury will grant buffs to the entire party.

When you enter HoS, you will come across the first pat. There will be Rune Patrolmen(?), each with about 200 k hp. They will be patrolling up and down the corridors. If they target you right away, you’ll be given a debuff per mob. They each do different things but they can be healed through.

The only things you should worry about are Rune Elders. There are usually two variants, a blue one and a rock one. The blue one is green (ironically) and the rock ones are orangy-brown. These can’t do much except heal the other mobs, which is the cast Rune Return.

There will be approximately three of these pats that are mandatory, and a group of the swordsmen and another pat towards the back. These are skippable though. The first boss begins on the bridge to your left.

First Boss
Name: Androlith
hp: 4 mil
Difficulty: medium/easy
This boss is a giant centaur-like monster who is the first boss in this giant instance. He is relatively easy to beat but if you're unprepaired, can get you killed quite fast or give your healers a headache.

Most of his skills you don't have to worry about. However when you see three horses spawn beside another on the bridge, this is where things get tricky.
Two out of the three horses will run down the bridge, leaving behind a trail of fire. If you stay in the fire, it's a 4 k tick that lasts the duration of the fire. I'm not sure how fast it ticks but it ticks fast. so be sure to run into safety and out of the fire.
Tanks will want to keep the boss above the little mini landing and dps want to be right up and personal.
This boss isn't hard at all, just remember to get ready to run, especially those abusing Archer's Glory.

En Route to Second Boss
And surprise, it's your favorite mobs again. Rinse and repeat; you'll have to kill approximately three mobs for sure. Once you turn the corner into a new hallway, be careful if you're not prepared. There are two lines of just Rune Swordsmen and then your normal pat; if you aggro all of them you might find yourself dying. As usual, take out the Elders first.

Then you'll find two big guys slowly lanking their way back and forth. These mobs are skippable; hug the pillar to your left to go around and onto a bridge-support like area. You won't aggro the giants, but wait for them to turn anyways.

On this bridge, if you're under geared, do not AOE or you'll drag up pats from below. Instead just dps as normal, there are two that patrol the square bridge, moving along the perimetre.
The next bit after the bridge can be difficult. You'll see two giant guys with spinning wheels called Blade Rune Guardian. These guys are regular kills but have around 500 k hp. Spiral Assault hits for the hardest but shouldn't be a big problem.
However when pulling it, nine out of ten times you'll get the Chaos mob in the back as well. Be sure to keep it silenced or rooted, if it casts Ground Strike there's a chance someone in the party will die. Once it's dead, kill the other Blade and...

Second Boss
Name: Glamos
HP: 4 mil
Difficulty: easy
Glamos himself isn't that hard to kill. Hug the wall and turn around; you'll see that the wall behind you is actually a cage concealing the mobs you have to worry about. There are two hunters, and then a Horror Seeker, a Divine Persuer, and something else I can't remember at the moment. Anyways you're best off having three people who can 'crowd control', your best bet being three mages, two mages and a scout, two mages and a priest/mage, etc etc. You want to make sure they don't use their skills or they cast fears or ticks that affect the entire party.
In terms of the actual boss, the tank wants to turn him around to avoid the AOE. He can be hit normally and doesn't do too many special things.

Upon killing, you'll have to run though to the crystal and transfer back to the entrance hall to despawn them, unless you have epic dps and then you can just eat their faces.

En Route to Third Boss
This is where things begin to get a little harder. These mobs are pretty much the same as the ones in Kallin Shrine. They are big and burly and rather annoying to take down. They hover around 600 k hp. These guys aren't too bad except for one of their attacks: Rock _____. This will target the person furthest away from them. So if you're a freeloader hoping to just sneak by for loot, you're going to get a nice surprise! To avoid this, everyone should group up when taking out these mobs and try to interrupt or discharge them before they can cast.

There isn't too much to be worried about, though. You fight them in waves of three. You'll go down a hallway with six of these mobs in total and then turn onto another bridge with another group of three just beyond the doorway. Clear them and you'll find the original gang of rune robots. Once you deal with them you should see three more of the Rune Guardian mobs; one at the back left corner and one patrolling. After that, follow the ramp to your right and descend down to the left to face three more Rune Guardians. Past them is...

Third Boss
Name: Guldamor
HP: 5 mil (?)
Difficulty: Medium (for the unprepared)
Hello big hammah guy who's randomly tearing a hole in the back of the instance. This guy, as said above, can be hard(er) for those who are not prepared.

Before going in, you just want to group up to the left as you enter the doorway into his boss room. You'll want to do your fooding/buffing/music-playing here. This guy doesn't hit for too bad, he's just annoying. The tank should try to keep the big guy where he is in the beginning, but he must be turned around as he has a frontal AOE.

This guy does two things in particular: summon red balls and a white crystal. If you've ever heard any bad puns or jokes about balls, this is where it all begins. (Also I assume this is where Frogster and Runewalker decided they like the idea of balls in every. single. boss. fight.) The red balls are a small red orb hovering with white/red electricity crackling around it, as well as a circle underneath. These must be killed or something bad will happen. Usually mages will aoe or take them.

The second cast he will suddenly jump to the back of the room and will be invincible. He will say "This thing is Sacred! No one can touch it!" or something to that effect. A white crystal, not unlike the one we use to transport, will then drift, at a respectable speed, towards him. If you don't dps this crystal down he will enrage. Don't be discouraged though; it should have less than 100 k hp so it should be easy to take down.

The rest is tank and spank.

En Route to Fourth Boss
Repairing would be ideal now; hop outside using the blue transport crystal when you enter the next room - it should be directly beside you to the left.

Upon exiting the boss room, go up the little ramp and fight your classic group of rune robots. After that you'll recognize that the ramp is the same as the one when you were travelling to the fourth boss. That means the mobs are the same! There are two more Rune Guardians to face; destroy them and find a moving pat of the same rune robots. After them you'll descend into a room with around five rune guardians. Same deal, but if you're worried that your party can't take them all at once work on them slowly, getting your tank to pull one at a time and draw them out backwards that way. Beyond the little doorway is..

Fourth Boss
Name: Vrantal
HP: 6 mil (?)
Difficulty: Medium/Hard
The doors will lock as soon as you run inside and if you try to escape, you'll be one shot. Poof. Just like that.
That being said, edge very carefully inside so your toon just drops down the little ledge that is the doorway. That way if a mistake happens no one is locked out. Do your food and buffing here, making sure the Tank counts down.

The boss will greet you with a Rune Particle Beam but as long as the healer heals whoever gets hit, it shouldn't be a problem. This boss is very big - as in you will literally not be able to see it's face, only it's butt which ironically, is the thing you're smacking around. You'll all want to stand inside the red target circle. The beam it casts can probably one shot someone. You'll know when that beam is coming when you see Rune Energy Ready!.

When you see the text Training Time Has Arrived. this is where things get tricky. Two people will be sent up and the rest of the group stays down, the boss becomes invincible, and stuff gets weird. For the ones in the air, you should call out that you're up and you will get a cast bar with three skills. In order they are:

1. An instadeath but requires you to be charged.
2. A solid hit but has a long cool down.
3. A DoT that ticks for about 3 k per.

What you'll want to do is scroll in all the way so you're in first person view. Angle your camera upwards and you should see a bunch of mobs in the air (named...) that will be placed evenly apart from one another. If you're not charged, you can't use skill 1, so spam skill 2 and throw up skill 3 when you see the debuff disappear from the mob you're aiming for. Do this right and the mob dies - Vrantal loses two total HP per dead sky-mob.

Now how to be charged? This is for the people that are left behind. From all directions, similar mobs will spawn and all come towards the centre of the circular platform, of which the group should be on. One aoe should take them out - they only have around 28 k hp. Kill them and loot them - the loot should be on ffa - and then select a member that is up via the raid list and click on the drop in your bag. The person who charged another should announce it so they know they can use skill 1. After a certain amount of times (around 4 waves of the mobs below) the boss will drop back down and smacking can resume.

He isn't too bad if you know what you're doing. Keep a cool head and try not to get frustrated.
En route to Fifth Boss

This is when you start to fight the other big guys, more Chaos mobs and finally, the Giant Rune Guardian mobs. Most of these are skippable though, so if you lack the dps to burn them down it is highly recommended that you skip.
You'll recognize the Giant Rune Guardians as the pats moving back and forth en route to second boss. These guys aren't too bad, they hit decently. They have two casts you should be aware of: Rune Reverse will now hit you back after you hit him with this buff. Its a small red and blue one - you can see him cast it if you don't interupt him in the middle of it. When it is activated you still hit normally but now take 4 k every time you hit it. Again, those with low hp can find themselves dead quite fast if they're just spamming and not paying attention. The next cast is Energized Explosion which is an aoe; it hits for usually 30 k flat so BACK UP when you see it being cast. It's relatively slow so you have time to react.

Once you exit south from the dead body of the boss, you'll find yourself in a safe room with your crystal transportation. Here hang a left out of the room and back to the mobs. You'll find one Giant Rune Guardian at the back with one Chaos moving back and forth. Take him down and you can skip the Giant. When you turn the corner going right you can cut diagonally across to skip the Giant chilling against a wall.

Go out into the rubble-filled area and, to skip as many mobs as possible, hug the right wall (or what was left of it.) Kill the stray Chaos mob, the Giants are optional. Once you're past them you will see another ramp to your left that is ascending. Go up and you'll find a Chaos *name needed*. They aren't hard to kill.

There will be one of those mobs standing on the ramp, and then another two when the ramp opens up. Take them one at a time or together, depending on your dps. Follow the slope up and there should be another Giant against the right wall, with a rune robot pat. Pulling the rune robot pat is almost impossible to get without a side of Giant, so carefully take out both. (Elders first, then Giant, then the other little guys.) The giant against the back wall shouldn't pull with them, but if he is be very careful.

As you turn the corner you will find another Giant against the same back wall. To avoid running smack into him when turning the corner hug the wall as tight as you can. It will then open up to two Giant Rune Guardians, one against the left wall and a few paces afterwards, against the right wall. It is advised to kill both. The left one is skipable but you don't want to back into it while fighting the right one.

-missing info -

After that corridor you will find four swordsmen and a Giant rune guardian behind him. You have no choice but to take all five at once. It shouldn't be too bad. After clearing them, you'll find the transport crystal behind them - but wait, you can't go through because you haven't killed the boss. Even though this boss may seem out of the way you HAVE to kill him - her? - to get into the final boss room.

Fifth Boss
Name: Zygro
HP: 4 mil (?)
Difficulty: Easy
This boss is so easy it's almost a joke. She has this strange obsession with blood. Anyways do your fooding and buffing before you enter little clay dome thing.

Once the boss begins, the tank will want to keep her just about anywhere but beware of the frontal AOE. Everyone else should now party underneath her skirt (It flares out behind) so you can dps her from in there. She is very very frail so with a decent party you should get her to around 1/3rd of her health before she begins casting.

Her first cast will port her away from the group, near the back left, where she will bubble and become un-attackable. She first summons replicas of the party. (ex: blood priest, blood scout, etc) if these aren't killed fast enough, she will heal herself. Once you deal with these copies of yourself - and they must be burned fast - you will have to sit through a constant attack that hits the entire party for approximately 5 k (easily healable) before you can attack her again. At this point she should be dead.

** There is also a debuff you get that has to do with a crystal, but if you get that far you should be seriously concerned **

En Route to Sixth Boss
Come back the way you came past the dead bodies and you'll see the previously red crystal is now blue, which means you can port. Yay. The right side is still uncleared, so begin there.

Your favorite pats are back! Remember to cc/interrupt/root the Elders or you'll have to deal with a lot of annoyance. Past them and over the bridge of lava and you'll see two Chaos mobs moving back and forth. Be sure to interrupt Ground Strike but take them both down the same. Pull the Chaos from around the fallen rock and kill him too, then get the other Giant. Next you should see a ramp with two more Chaos patrolling up and down. Grab one carefully and kill it before killing the other, or Lasso/Discharge it to be safe.

The top two Giants are skippable, but to be safe get your Tank to run into the doorway to the right and pull out the Chaos to kill him first so you won't get feared into a nasty surprise. Once he's dead you can then follow inside and begin killing the Blade mob that's next. Be sure to check the back for accidental pulls. Kill the next Chaos and you'll see something new: three Elders holding down a Giant. If you attack one elder all four will be unleashed on the party, so if you need it, make sure to assign people on the elders to kill right away or they'll keep healing a Giant that will happily Energy Explode or Rune Reverse with heals. This group is skippable but just clear it.

Then on the ramp down to your left you'll see a Chaos to the left and a Giant to the right. Lasso/Discharge the Chaos and kill the Giant first. Then hop down and run to the middle of the room.

Sixth Boss
Name: Mantarick / Sydaphex
HP: 4 mil (?)
Difficulty: Medium/Hard
Correction: one of your group members should stray to the left and go to where a lever is. This person should not be the tank as you want to grab aggro right away, and being away from the party will not do that whatsoever. To activate this boss, the lever must be pulled. You'll want an unbridled enthusiasm on, the escape artist title if you have it, and a stash of nobodies rum. (I don't know if the latter works anymore.) So be sure to food and buff before giving the go ahead.

Once pulled you'll see the boss is a robot on a chariot with a (surprise surprise) mechanical horse. You must kill his light horse first -- it only has around 1 mil hp (?) so he can be burned down quick. It does nothing special; just treat it like any normal mob. It can randomly lag out and port to the right so just beware of that.

Once it's down the real fun begins. The boss is invincible to begin with. Make sure at this point you have Unbridled Enthusiasms on because this can potentially get very disastrous. This is why the boss isn't marked 'easy'.

In the four corners of the room, four different coloured crystals will spawn. They will either be red, blue, green, or white . The boss will then call out the cast Space is filled with all kinds of Elements and four members will then get a different colour debuff. They resemble runes but be sure to double check it if you get a white coloured one - blue and white look very similar. Those debuffed have about 12 seconds to run/sprint to the corresponding crystal and click on it. To know you've done it right, the base will light up with a small ring of white.

The tank at this point should've dragged the boss back to where the lever is to minimize the chances of other casts being put on your running members. One is a 5 second (?) stun which is usually waited out of a 6 k flat attack. He also has a frontal AOE so if the tank didn't drag him, don't stand in front of him.

If you get the colours wrong 7 (?) times the boss will rage and start oneshotting everyone. This is your cue to run away as fast as possible.

Once the colours work the boss will shout something out and turn dark purple, name changing to Sydaphex. He can be burned down easy, but leave him alone for too long or don't kill him in time and he'll go back to being gold and you must do the colour process again. He should definitely die by the second time he switches schemes.

En Route to Seventh Boss
Beating this guy opens the doors where you can continue to the last boss. Crystal is on your right.

There's a Chaos mob patrolling back and forth, kill him first. Against the wall after that is a Giant with three Elders holding him down. This group is skippable but it is again, recommended, to take them out first in the event of an unwanted back pull from the next group of mobs.
To the left will be a slope downwards that has three mobs on it; a Giant, a Chaos, and the one that summons three adds. An easy way to take this group out is to get the tank to hug the left wall and carefully pull the Chaos up to kill first, then do each mob one by one. Pass them and go through the doorway into a new hallway/room with new mobs.

Here you'll encounter Ice and Fire mobs. The room may look intimidating but you can cut diagonally right through the monsters and only need to fight three for sure. The first will be a Fire mob patrolling up and down. Be careful not to stand too much to the right or you'll aggro the two staying stationary to your right. Kill him and only kill the ice mob patrolling up and down the next corridor. You might want to wait until it sits just around the corner from where you killed the Fire mob previously. There's one more Ice mob standing in front of the boss door, but kill the last Fire mob just to be safe - its against the wall.

These mobs, if they get a skill off you, will eventually count down and burst - freezing everyone around you. It wears off but it can be time consuming.

Food and buff for last boss.

Seventh and Last Boss
Name: Andaphelmor
HP: 10 mil
Difficulty: Hard
This guy is the one sitting on a chair. He has three balls circulating him, one red, one green, one yellow. These become crucial in the fight later on.

This boss is burnable, but requires pretty op dps to take down his 10 mil before he starts casting. A good gauge whether or not you can burn is if you can take down Vrantal before someone is sent up. If you can do that, you should be good to go. Otherwise, you must do it the normal way.

When one person goes down the ramp, the doors behind you close and the fight begins. It is crucial everyone is inside the room when the fight begins. As soon as the doors close mobs with exploding cores spawn and will kill anyone locked out.

The boss should be tanked in the middle, while the rest of the dps try to hit the boss as much as possible. DO NOT USE AOES.

Three members within the group should be elected - these people should not be able to oneshot mobs with around 30 k hp. They need to run past the boss and get ready for the mobs.

Now the boss room looks like this:

-----------Entrance --------

Three mobs will spawn at a gate, one each and a different colour. They will all aggro the same person the boss is aggroing. Pull them off and drag them to the corrisponding door. For example, the purple mob should go to the purple door. The colour they are is in the name of the mob. Make sure you call out which colour you get so two don't try to pull the same mob. Once you kill it at the gate (and make sure it's right on the gate, not 'close' to it) a small glowing circle that extends upwards will appear at the top of each gate. Once the initial three are down, the other three will spawn and you do the same thing. It is imperative that all mobs are killed at the right spots. If a colour is missed, please let the entire group know.

This is where things get messy. Once this done, all group members will get a colour debuff. You must all run to the corresponding colour gate (no guessing games here, it'll be obvious what colour you are) and through the little glowing circle to remove this debuff. If you can't make it or your colour was missed, you will explode, taking out the people around you too. So if you think you're not going to make it run away from the party, because someone who might've done it right might still explode if you're close to them.

The best thing to do if your colour was missed is to run repeatedly into the Exit. It appears when the boss does its explosion it has a radius thing, if you're lucky you may bypass it.

Once that part is done, one of the three balls will come down and must be dps'd:
Yellow must be killed by physical
Red by any of them
Green by casters
Failure to do this will result in debuffs to the type of attacker that can't kill it - Yellow will debuff magic, Red will debuff heals, etc.

Once this round is over, the mobs at the gates will respawn and it must be done over and over again until the boss dies.

Grab your 10 mentos and your loot and congratulations, you've cleared Hall of Survivors!
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Hos - Guide
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