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 Hall of the ddemon Lair - Guide

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PostSubject: Hall of the ddemon Lair - Guide   Tue Oct 09, 2012 7:55 am

12 person instance. Recommended level 55+
Located in Naga Acropolis in Aotulia Volcano.
Hp Requirements: 20,000 Unbuffed (35,000 for the tank)
Attunement Requirements: Kill Sharleedah(World Boss) and use the documents he drops then get up to the quest Surprise Zurhidon then enter and exit Zurhidon Stronghold.

Once in the instance go forward to the next area where the mobs are sparring, hug the wall on the left and keep going until you reach something that looks like a door with spiked objects protruding from it and then wait for everyone in the group, then quickly kill the mobs at the door way then continue through the passageway ahead killing the mobs until you see two pillars with flames on top of them.

First alarm:Slightly in front of the pillars there is a doorway with a distinct line in front of it, everyone should stop about a tile away or further from the doorway, after everyone is positioned get one of the Priests to use Soul Bond on themselves, then count down and have everyone run through the door then to the right. Once the alarm is set off everyone should be past the door and running down the path and hugging the wall on the right until you reach an alcove with a miniboss in it, once each person enters the room they should go to the corner (making sure not to aggro the miniboss as it can bug the instance) and swap to their second set of gear which is normally trash gear or nothing and wait as the mobs that spawn from the portals kill everyone (otherwise they will keep spawning an infinite amount of times). Once everyone is dead and the portals have disappeared, the Soul Bonded person revives and will revive everyone then everyone will swap to their normal gear and heal up then the person will be Soul Bonded again (while making sure no one exits the room otherwise the alarm activates and more mobs will spawn) then the tank will engage the miniboss and once the boss dies it will drop a rune, this rune should be needed by whoever has the highest movement speed when buffed preferably a rogue.

Once everyone is healed up everyone groups up on the right side of the room facing the passageway then someone counts down then everyone will run once again hugging the right wall and into the corner of the next alcove. After the portal mobs kill the team the Soul Bonded person revives everyone once again, the group kills the miniboss and the designated runner will need this rune also. Then everyone will position on the right side of the room and count down again then everyone runs right and through the door way, the designated runner who should be well ahead of the team will run through the door way and on the left and right side of the door way there are two pillars, the runner has to place one rune into each pillar as quickly as possible then everyone will run through the doorway until they are up against a barrier and wait there killing any mobs that have chased the group to that point until they all despawn which happens shortly after the runes are in. After that happens anyone who has died can be revived without the portals appearing again for this passageway.

The following room is pretty straight forward the team just has to kill all the mobs here then continue until they see another door at the other end of the room, everyone just walks out onto the spiral ramp and there will be two mobs that have huge axes and are dressed much like red executioners. The tank will engage the mob one at a time and will spin the mob around so that the frontal aoe doesn't hit the team, the same is done for the second one, both these mobs drop a Condemned Rune which can just be ignored since they aren't necessary to kill the next boss. Once everyone goes down the ramp you will see the first boss, Naos.

Naos: This boss will be standing in the middle of a circle, once the group heads down the ramp, everyone will buff up and then the tank will engage the boss once they do this, everyone will run into the middle of the circle where Naos was standing and keep attacking him. Naos will normally use Titanic attack which is just a single target attack which shouldn't do much to the tank, Blasting Cyclone which is an AOE which will hit everyone in a melee range of him and Hurricane which is one of his deadliest skills. When Naos uses Hurricane he will start spinning in the air and become invulnerable, when he is casting this he will randomly target one person who must run around in a circle outside of where the group is, to avoid hitting them with the AOE damage. If there is a Warrior in the group they can use Group Taunt to steal the aggro (which is one of two skills which can steal aggro off someone else while he is using Hurricane) and then just run around in a circle, once he finishes using Hurricane he should revert back to aggroing the whoever had the most aggro before Hurricane was cast, this just needs to be repeated if he uses more than once.
Rewards: After he dies he will drop 7 Ancient Mementos and a few of the following; Devil Slaughterer Helmet, Holy Source Hat, Giant Tree Summoning Boots, Primal Spirit Headress , Anti Chaos Oath Helmet, Frenzy Belt, Hope Dasher Axe, Iron Wheel Great Axe and Peril Buster Dagger.

Second Alarm:After Naos is killed there is a gate just behind the group, right after the group enters the gate you'll see a ramp and a few mobs. If anyone steps onto the top of the ramp the alarm will trip so the best way is to get someone with long range that can aggro the mobs from below the end of the ramp. They will pull the mobs so that everyone can kill them, and once they’re dead, count down and run. This part is basically the same as the last alarm passage except the alarm trips at the top of the ramp instead of at the pillars at the end, once the alarm goes off everyone will need to run to the end of the room and this time turn left once you go through the second gate into the passage and then swap gear and die at the first mini boss’s room. Unlike the other mini bosses these ones have AOEs that they will normally use once they get aggroed so make sure that no one aggroes them until everyone is buffed and back to their normal gear. Once the mini boss is dead get everyone to stack up for the final run to turn off the alarm. In the room after the alarm is off, the tank should aggro the Condemned Ones one at a time and let the team kill them then get everyone to move along the right wall killing the mobs along the wall until the door is reached. Everyone should then stack up just around the corner, opposite the door to Yash, and let the tank aggro the mobs to the group. After the pathing mobs are dead just quickly kill the mobs standing next to the door and getting everyone to stack up on the door and jumping, to update their positions.

Yash:For this boss everyone will run straight at the ramp that can be seen from the doorway, an off-tank should be designated to aggro the mini bosses on the bed when one or two of them randomly awaken (not wasting effort with trying to kill them since they despawn after the boss dies). The off-tank will run around with the mini bosses chasing after them while the team kills the boss, the tank should position the boss at the top of the ramp while everyone stands at the bottom of the ramp. This boss will from time to time cast a spell which will summon a fog of green gas on the ground that will do high dps to anyone who stands in it, just take into account that if you have spell effects disabled a debuff for the fog will appear in your debuff bar. Other than that the boss will just need to be quickly killed then the mini bosses can either be killed or left chasing the off-tank until they despawn.
Rewards: After she dies she will drop 7 Ancient Mementos and a few of the following; Atrocity Shoulder Armour, Elemental Flame Shoulder Guards, Knight's Falcon Shoulder Armour, Scout's Unicorn Helmet, Anti Chaos Belt, Demon Eye, Demon Heart Long Staff, Demon Wing Axe, Rune Catapult and Ruthless Helmet.

After the boss is dead just run up the left ramp and through the door at the top, in this passage everyone just needs to stick to the left wall to avoid some of the mobs and kill the Bodo and Tiktaalik mobs waiting near the door. Once you're in the next room just kill any mobs and pathers in the middle of the room and fight your way to the room's exit. After exiting that room stick to the left wall and avoid aggroing any of the demon soldiers otherwise they may AOE the people around the person who aggroed, after killing the mobs near the door just get everyone to stack up and jump at the boss’s door.

Aosniya:For this boss all the tank has to do is aggro the boss and tank it, the group however must run up to the boss and stand right under its tail at all times so that the boss won't target other people for its spells. The boss will also summon adds from time to time which the group can ignore and the tank must aggro. After the boss is killed the mobs should disappear along with him, but if they do not they can just be killed.
Rewards: After it dies it will drop 7 Ancient Mementos and a few of the following; Atrocity Leather Boots, Devil Slaughterer Battle Boots, Primal Spirit Boots, Scout's Unicorn Boots, Anti Chaos Belt, Beheading Axe, Belt of Darkness, Dark Witchcraft Hat, Demon Heart Wand and Extinguishing Sword.

On exiting the boss room the group will come across mobs that look like red gargoyles, the group should stick to the right wall and kill any of these mobs in the way. If the mobs begin to cast Splitter (it will continue to cast it even after death) the group should wait at the body if this happens and wait for the two clones to spawn and kill them quickly before they cast Splitter also. After exiting the passage with the gargoyles the group will go into another room, the group should just walk along the right wall killing any mobs in the way or in danger of aggroing to someone. Once all the mobs are dead everyone can just stack on the boss room door and jump.

Androlier: (Sound familiar? : D)For this boss after he is engaged a debuff will be cast on everyone that restricts the use of any type of potion, during the fight a lot of blue orbs will spawn, when clicked these will regenerate the mana of the clicker but it will buff the boss each time one is used so they should be avoided. The tank will tank the boss at the edge of the see-through circle in the middle of the room with the boss faced away from the group, and then the group has to quickly burn him down. He will from time to time de-aggro so the tank will have to use an AOE or quickly target him and regain aggro. People should keep watch for the weapon the boss is wielding, when the boss is using a spear any melee people in the group besides the tank should back away to where all the ranged people are. If the boss is using a sword then people just have to watch for a meteor attack that the boss will use and get out of the place it is cast.
Rewards: After he dies he will drop 7 Ancient Mementos and a few of the following; Elemental Flame Boots, Giant Tree Summoning Shoulder Guards, Holy Source Cape, Knight's Falcon Helmet, Bone Crack, Demon Magnetism Staff, Frenzy Hood, Rune War Bow and Ruthless Belt.

Once the boss is dead just kill everything in the way in the passageway then go into the entrance of a much larger room with mobs sparring. For this room everyone will just walk along the right side wall and letting the tank aggro the three mobs at the first ramp then after they are dead, moving on the right wall of the second platform until the second ramp is reached. At the top of the ramp there should be three mobs called Iron Demon Soldier, these will cast a spell which will do 50,000 damage to the person who initially aggroed them and summon a mob (that should be ignored until the Demon Soldiers are dead) who will aggro onto that person as well. Three people should be designated to aggro one each preferably with over 50k hp buffed one person will count down and then they will all simultaneously aggro the mobs as soon as the mobs are about to cast a spell on the person who aggroed them. The Priest can use Holy Candle Shield to negate the 50,000 damage that would be done to them and then the tank can aggro all three mobs and just tank them while the team quickly kills the weakest mobs first. After these are dead everyone can run around the right side and enter the final boss room. If people have not gotten and used the heart from the dragon in Lair of the Demon Dragon then everyone who can go through the barrier must group up at the start of the bridge inside and wait, admiring the awesome ceiling. The person/people who are outside the barrier must switch their gear and aggro one of the mobs closeby with a ranged attack and quickly run back to the barrier to die. Once everyone stuck at the barrier is dead and the mobs have lost aggro, then a person can revive each person outside the barrier, upon reviving the person/people should not move for about a minute then they should re-equip their gear and move to see if it worked, if so then everyone should buff up and get ready for the fight.

Sirloth:Everyone should be past the bridge before running up to where Sirloth is sitting because that is where the shield will come up. Once someone goes to the edge of the platform looking at Sirloth, he will start talking. After the dialog two portals will appear, from the left portal a mob that looks like one of the executioner mobs that can only be damaged by physical attacks and from the right portal a gargoyle mob will appear that can only be damaged by magical attack. To get Sirloth to fight, the team has to kill both these mobs simultaneously otherwise they will keep respawning and mobs from the area before can be pulled into the room automatically. The best way to do this is to use a VOIP to narrate the health of each mob so that the people attacking each mob can stop if they are doing too much damage. Once Sirloth appears the tank just has to quickly engage him, Sirloth will periodically Fear everyone so make sure you have some Nobodies' Rum, Housemaid Unbridled Enthusiasm potions and/or Godspeed potions, to allow you to get back to the group as quickly as possible. Sirloth will also use a skill which summons a demon hand which will spring up under someone and grasp them, disabling all skills and stopping movement until someone kills it, if it is not killed in time the hand will kill the person it is on. From time to time Sirloth will throw one of his Sword of Fears at a random person in the team to do minor damage, once the Sword of Fear hits the ground it will become clickable. Either a Warrior, Rogue or the tank should pick it up because it increases the user's damage by 60% plus more bonus damage depending on how much aggro the user has. When Sirloth uses his shield that reduces all damage done by 99% using the Sword of Fear can instantly negate the shield from time to time and he also casts an AOE that will hit people for roughly 10k. Once Sirloth hits 40% of his HP, he will go beserk and turn the screen black for two seconds. Sirloth will now use a skill from time to time called Boulder Avalanche, this skill will do 62k damage to each person in the team unless if everyone is stacked up on each other. Sadly for this, skills such as Holy Candle Shield will just cause the damage taken to be 62k regardless of whether the team is stacked. It's vital that after Sirloth becomes berserk that no one dawdles at all after Fear wears off at anytime, otherwise he may cast Boulder Avalanche instantly after. Also make sure to position Sirloth away from the edge of the platform, preferably in the middle because Sirloth has a tendency to bug up for some people and his body will fall through the platform.
Rewards: After he dies he will drop 10 Ancient Mementos and a few of the following; Sword of Fear, Atrocity Leather Jacket, Devil Slaughterer Battle Armour, Elemental Flame Robe, Giant Tree Summoning Chainmail, Holy Source Robe, Knight's Falcon Armour, Primal Spirit Robe, Scout's Unicorn Swift Armour, Blade of Misfortune and Dream Splitter.
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Hall of the ddemon Lair - Guide
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