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 Pasper's Shrine Guide

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PostSubject: Pasper's Shrine Guide   Tue Oct 09, 2012 7:57 am

Stat Requirements
Hp everyone in the party should at least have at a minimum:

Tank = 8-10k hp
Healer = 6-8k hp
Range DPS = 7-9k hp
Melee DPS = 8-9k hp

The difficulty of the mobs is actually very similar to those in MA – it’s just the mass silence will annoy and kill your mages and priests, leading to a party wipe. There are several mobs in the instance that casts an area silence – a large purple circle will appear on the ground and anyone caught inside will have a 5 second silence. As any pull can lead to a large chain (pulling a large number of mobs), the whole party can be continually silenced until you die. The easiest way I found to clear the area is to have the main tank run through an area pulling everything. Wait until the silencers cast the circle and start attacking the tank. Have the mage run in and clear the mob. Simple - but very effective. If you are running as a mage with a T6 SoA, it's possible to 1-shot many of the mobs. If you do this, there won't be any pull and you can make your slowly through the instance.


1st Boss
Nothing special – casts a few damage spells, but didn’t really notice it. Just attack and kill it.

2nd Boss
Has a multiple fireball attack and sometimes spawns a group of mobs, but nothing too difficult. He will occasionally jump back up to the center of the altar where he is invincible and shoot out lighting to deal massive damage. Hide behind the pillars surrounding the altar to dodge this attack.

3rd Boss – Hafiz
The final boss will spawn more and more mobs as the fight goes along, so have the mages ready for area clearing. Another attack is the rogue’s shadow bind, so it’s best to have 2 mages and 2 priests just in case someone is disabled. Finally, Hafiz has the 2nd Boss’s lighting attack, except this time there’s nowhere to dodge. Have the priests spam group heal when this happens.

Other than the mass silence, this is a really easy instance to run.
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Pasper's Shrine Guide
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