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 Rhashaka Temple - Guide

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PostSubject: Rhashaka Temple - Guide   Tue Oct 09, 2012 8:13 am

1. boss -Yawaka: This one is cat man, he hits hard, but is pretty straightforward boss. From time to time he summons adds, which should be killed ASAP. If not he casts AoE (it can be healed pretty easily), but adds have some nasty debuff for tank. After 3. way of adds he says something like:""No one can survive the fury of Leonine" and goes in air, then tank or priest should cast shield, or else he casts some AoE that wipes whole party.
Edit: He is in air very short time, no much time to think about what to do Not easy like WA 1.

2. Boss - Shadoj: This boss is the easiest one in instance, he is tank&spank until he casts some totems, then DD should destroy those totems and kill boss. Simple. Also during fight, 1 party member will get skill to absorb crystal, and red crystal will show up in room from time to time. If player does it, it greatly increases his dmg and defense for a short while.

3. Boss - Paicha: This one is pretty nightmarish for priests. He uses lots of debuffs, and is pretty hard to get the hang of killing him. From time to time he casts black circle on ground, which casts lightning on players who are inside it. Lightning aside from dealing massive dmg, deals more dmg on each hit, and has chance of short stun on player. Boss also traps random party member into bubbles, which stun player and needs to be destroyed like hand in ds. Macro for <<BUBBLES>> is recommanded +Boss has small range AoE.
Now the most important part: Boss has some debuff which slows down attack speed/move speed and cast speed by 35%. It stacks with itself, so you can have 2 of those. If player gets 3 of those he gets perma stunned till end of fight. PRIEST MUST CLEANSE THIS DEBUFF! The best is for 2 priests to make a deal who cleans who, and each take 3 players.
Edit: For scouts, AG is forbidden.

4. Boss - Lijanda: This ugly frog is hard to figure but easy to kill when you get the hang of it Aside from various aoe skills, which are easy, boss has some kind of rage. It increases his attack by 300% and then he 1 hits tank and game over. Rage cast is called Summon Animal Spirits, edit: mine bad, it can't be interrupted. After cast, he gives random buff to himself, one of them being rage. Rage dissapears after some time on its own, but while tank kites DD must do some small DPS on boss After this skill, aggro reset comes. So most probably boss goes to DD, or priest. Tank should take aggro back fast, and kite it if rage is activated until he casts same skill again (then rage dissapears).

5. Boss - Raksha: This one looks like boss from DMC4. Anyway strategy is simple, DPS it, kill adds fast and when it casts some vine on 2 players you can't excape it. That vine deals massive dot, which priests should outheal, and at the end of it it kills those who are trapped if not enough DPS was made on boss. (Basically same as Medusa when it casts shell, its just its on 2 players and deals huge dot on them).
Edit: Skill on which max dps should be made (boss cast) is Flower Bud Guard.
EDIT: Before that Flower Bud guard, Raksha casts Emit Spores. If P uses DS shield, no1 gets caged. This was mine find, found out 5 min ago

6 Boss - Naylodas: The big brother of Falynim This one has some adds, tank should kite him, but main problem is mana. His unkillable adds follow priests and drain ALL OF PRIEST MANA. Good thing is boss doesnt hit that hard, but p/m is a must have in party because of wings buff. Priests should run around, to restore mana while mobs are far from them and cast only regen/urgent heal. Also when mobs are on other pries, dalanis set skill is good (mana restore one).
Edit: Forgot to add, no using foods/pots on this boss(like DS 4.).
Edit2: Forgot to add, there are some crystals on ground, they grant you skill. First one cleans you from debuff, and second one removes shield from boss (same as griffit), so you should use these.

7 Boss - this might help..
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Rhashaka Temple - Guide
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