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 Mage class combos - which is good and not

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PostSubject: Mage class combos - which is good and not   Tue Oct 09, 2012 8:34 am

Mage Class Combos
(NB- you may have 3 classes in RoM but you can only play 2 at any one time. Ideally, if you choose mage, you may wish to choose a healing subclass to level with and then pick a third class for PvP or PvE excellence)

Mage/Priest (human only)- the classic soloing mage. Ideal for leveling. Good at PvP, excellent at PvE.

Mage/Druid (elf only)- excellent mage for leveling. Very good at PvP, so-so at PvE.

Mage/Warrior- possibly the highest dps mage, definitely highest burst phase mage.
Terrible at PvP, outstanding in PvE.

Mage/Scout- the versatile mage. Excellent at kiting. Should be good in PvP, but isn't really. Excellent at PvE.

Mage/Rogue- the dual wielding mage. Good at PvP, good at PvE. NB- dual wielding requires tiering both a wand and a dagger, so this combo is not for the budget-conscious.

Mage/Knight (human only)- the tough mage. Improved pdef and stam makes them less squishy. Good at PvP, somewhat useful in PvE.

Mage/ Warden (elf only)- the niche PvP mage. Outstanding at PvP, poor at PvE.

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Mage class combos - which is good and not
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