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 Scout combos class - which is good and not

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PostSubject: Scout combos class - which is good and not   Tue Oct 09, 2012 8:44 am

Scouts are physical ranged dps. Essentially a ranged Rogue. Fast shots, steady dps.

S/K: A sustainable scout. They’re heavily armored machine guns– never stop firing and can take a beating. A great end-game tanking class. You can start building up nice aggro at a distance and Scout is already a high DPS class to begin with. Knight General Skills greatly assist to fill in Scout’s few weaknesses.

S/R: Another crit-happy Scout, they shoot sh!t fast lol. Extra speed, dodge, and offhand from the Rogue benifit greatly.

S/M: Plays just like all scouts do, but with the added benefit of both an aggro wipe AND an aggro dump, Lightning and Silence from Mage general skills, and an AoE with root chance to supplement single-target capacity. Basically, a Scout with an side order of CC.

S/P: get a ranged defensive dispel, a mana regeneration cooldown, a slight buff to Snipe ,a powerful group cooldown increasing attack and casting speed, and a buff to it causing it to heal the Scout. They also get an aggro-lead, a few self-heals, and extra mdef resistance from /p general.

S/W: turn rage into powerful temporary buffs, increasing their dexterity, gain a permanent buff to HP, a buff to, a buff increasing concentration regeneration, and increasing the physical damage done to a target. Also, the abilities to wear axes can be benificial in melee combat.

S/Wd: Eclectic elite skills, almost all of which adding a new, powerful skill to your arsenal. Coupled with a Vanish-type move, hard hitting spells, and two new DoT’s, this Scout is a force to be reckoned with.

S/D: Imo, better skills than the S/P, adding some of the same skills, a buff to crit, a slew of remove-root/stun moes, and the ability of self-healing on the side.
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Scout combos class - which is good and not
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