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 Warrior combos class - which is good and not

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PostSubject: Warrior combos class - which is good and not   Tue Oct 09, 2012 8:45 am

The Warrior is a beefy dps. Trading dodge, speed, and squishiness for heavy hits, slow big axes, and bulky chain armor.

W/D: Has some decent elites, a few new skills, but many are buffs or enhancements to existng abilities.

W/K: This combination complements the Warrior’s tanking abilities, giving them a ranged pulling ability, a potentially consistent blocking buff, a potent PVP-oriented cooldown, (Immune to helpless/stun/root for ten seconds) a potent damage/threat building skill, and additional rage generation.

W/M: The W/M complements the Warrior’s playstyle by taking advantage of a mana pool that often sees little use. It supplies a high-damaging weapon skill that buffs and stacks up to three times of magic damage done (30%), a strong melee-range elemental-damage strike, a Damage reduction ability, a ranged nuke, and the ability to imbue the Warrior’s weapon to cause wind damage with every normal attack. Overall, the warrior/mage combo provides other useful abilities like Silence and a snare spell. (Lighting and augments the warrior’s lack of range attacks with Thunder Sword which can be devastating when fully upgraded.) Later on at higher levels, this combo begins to rely heavily on the magical aspect of its secondary as most of the later elite skills are based on magic damage, making the Intellect stat more important. While the combination can be seen as a hybrid class, ideally the player should choose between going either melee or magic focused as going balanced with both will only limit the abilities in the end.

W/P: Fairly eclectic. It features a desperation cooldown, an interrupting ability, a buff to Magic Barrier skill, an ability to convert health directly into rage, and a high damage attack used when the target is Weakened as per Soft Spot. Not many other benifits from /p except self-heals and mdmg resistance buffs.

W/R: The Warrior/Rogue elite skills, like the Warrior/Priest, don’t affect a character’s playstyle that much. One skill changes the functionality of Shadowstab’s bleed effect (Shadowstab Perfection); another increases the warrior’s base movement speed (Speed Up). Blood Dance gives characters another powerful attack that costs HP while Frenzied Attack acts as powerful but risky damage-increasing cooldown. Keen Attack is another combo skill, usable when the target is Vulnerable (as per Probing Attack), striking twice for a large amount of damage.

W/S: The Warrior/Scout combination favors two-handed weapons in close range and adds more skills to the Scout’s ranged skills. Warrior/Scouts gain a powerful close-range strike, a ranged stun, a buff to the Moon Cleave skill, a ranged strike that complement Warrior rage generation, and a ranged strike that does the same but is based off of weapon DPS.

W/Wd: This is a good PvP-oriented build, with many new skills from /Wd, and PvP anti-silence/helpless/stun/fear/root thing that raises crit rate, and buffs to crit damage.
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Warrior combos class - which is good and not
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