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 Knight combos class - which one is good and not

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PostSubject: Knight combos class - which one is good and not   Tue Oct 09, 2012 8:45 am

The Knight is a tank. Massive hp, massive pdef, bulky plate armor and shields are their specialty.
Knight cannot be Druid or Warden secondary.

K/M: The Knight/Mage combination focuses on passive damage and protection, giving them a Light-damaging aura, a Damage over Time skill, a slowing component to Whirlwind Shield, reflective armor, the power to take damage to mana instead of health, and a powerful buff to Mana Return. K/M’s get an extra fireball, silence, and CC from Mage General.

K/P: The K/P combination focuses on their ability to deal light damage and protect group members, giving them a damage over time effect, a powerful strike usable when the DoT is on the target, a tool to reduce aggro generation, the ability to prevent mobility hampering effects on any target, and a powerful buff to Shield of Valor. They also get a buff to resolution, and self heals, extra mdef, and water resistance from /P. K/P’s benifit from massive hp, and massive pdef/mdef.

K/R: K/R emphasizes the ability to crit, increasing Holy Strike’s chance to crit by 40%, a powerful strike only usable after critical hits, an increase to Blind Stab’s duration, a consistent buff increasing the ability to crit, and a powerful weapon-based AoE skill. K/R’s benifit from lots of crit, weapon speed, dodge, and patk.

K/S: The Knight/Scout combination focuses on the knight’s tanking skills, giving them a ranged taunt, a buff to Holy Strike, a monster type specific root, a ranged area of effect taunt, and an additional chance to reduce damage dealt when using Heavenly Arrow. K/S benifit’s from extra kiting, the ability to use the bow slot as an extra stat holder, and some /s CC’s.

K/W: This combination focuses more on area of effect and damage skills, giving them an increase in Whirlwind Shield’s damage, the ability to equip two-handed axes at increased effect, a buff to Whirlwind, a cooldown increasing parry chance, and a cooldown granting temporary immunity to fear.
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Knight combos class - which one is good and not
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