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 Priest combos class - which one is good and not

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PostSubject: Priest combos class - which one is good and not   Tue Oct 09, 2012 8:46 am

The Priest is a general good healer. Lol, the class explains itself.
Priest cannot have Druid or Warden as a secondary.

P/K: Priest/Knights focus on the healing/utility aspect of group play, changing Grace of Life to also grant MP, making Urgent Heal also heal the caster, giving a cast time reducing cooldown, adding a powerful buff that increases effectiveness at healing while reducing effectiveness at damaging, and another buff that grants temporary fear immunity to a target

P/M: The p/m combination is fairly eclectic, combining crowd control, the ability to remove curses, a mana restoration group buff, a mana restoration cooldown, and a buff to Lightning that places a debuff increasing wind and water damage done to a target if the target is afflicted with Bone Chill when struck. P/M’s also benifit from a skill called Icewind Blade, a powerful single-strike damage hit.

P/R: The Priest/Rogue combination focuses on granting offensive abilities, like a Dark damage over time ability, a medium-cooldown Dark damage nuke, applying Nimble Hands to spellcasting, an offensive dispel, and a long-cooldown DoT with a stun component. It also has two awesome elites, one increasing Crit for the whole party, and one that restores mana when using a certain skill.

P/S: This fun combo has a fairly eclectic elite skill set, giving them a magic attack buff, a ranged Throat Attack, changing Wave Armor so that it buffs defense, allowing Rising Tide to scale off ranged weapon damage, and an area of effect heal with a regeneration effect. Overall great healers. +1

P/W: This fun(? hehe) combination focuses around enhancing the Priest’s melee capabilities through Battle Monk Stance, giving them three powerful strikes; Explosion of Fighting Spirit, Fighting Spirit Combination, the powerful Ascending Dragon Strike, and an ability that doubles the power of the next physical attack. They also gain a very hard hitting skill that has a base damage of 300% weapon dps at +0, and scales almost 20 per level.
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Priest combos class - which one is good and not
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