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 Warden combos class

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PostSubject: Warden combos class   Tue Oct 09, 2012 8:48 am

"Warden is quite unbalanced. It is a pet user class and suffers from the age-old summoner trope of the pet being god mode in the beginning, but not being able to keep up with content and thus falling flat on its face by end-game. So Wd/S will work quite well for leveling and questing purposes, but eventually you’ll need to switch to S/Wd for instances and end-game overworld. Wd/S gets primary benefit from their elite Chiron summon, a pet no other Warden gets. S/Wd is a very, very solid Scout build. Recent [Shot] issues aside, it is one of few combos with a majority of useful Elites. Only Charged Power is useless. All in all, a solid combo if you have a good mind for strategy and long-range damage."
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Warden combos class
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