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 Knight builder guide

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PostSubject: Knight builder guide   Tue Oct 09, 2012 8:53 am

1. Abbreviations
2. Tanking Background
3. Gear
4. Accessory Sets
5. Instance Requirements
6. Stats
7. Runes
8. Aggro / Skil Rotation
9. Skills
10. Sword and Board or 2H
11. Other Tips

1. Abbreviations:

a. Pdef = Physical Defense
b. Mdef = Magical Defense
c. HS = Holy Strike
d. WWS = Whirlwind Sheild
e. CS = Cash Shop
f. Clops = Cyclops
g. IMO = In my opinion
h. ZS = Zuridohn Stronghold
i. HoDL = Hall of the Demon Lord
j. HP = Hit Points
k. DPS = Damage Per Second
l. CC = Crowd Control
m. AoE = Area of Effect
n. CD = Cool down (from skill)
o. TT = Treasure Trove
p. KS = Kalin Shrine
q. PAtk = Physical Attack
r. DoD = Dungeon of Dalanis
s. PAcc = Physical Accuracy
t. Ghost stats = Bonus / unnamed stats on a peice of gear

2. Tanking Background:

a. Basic Description: The tank is the person in the group who protects every one and keep’s the enemies focused on him / her troughout the entire group run. The Knight is provided certain special tools to make this happen.

b. Situational Awareness: it takes a special sense of foresight and being able to forecast the situation for what it is and what will happen. Being able to see the enemies’ movements and target adjustments beforehand is key to being succesful in tanking this game.

c. Objectives: You main objective as the tank is to ensure no one in your group dies and making sure the enemies are hitting you and not the group.

3. Gear:

a. The knight is the only class in RoM that can wear platemail. Platemail offers the highest Pdef values compared to every other armor categories. While you would want the highest Pdef you can attain, you also want class specific stats from plussing your gear with CS Jewels. Along with plussing gear, you should try to attain an overdura peice of gear and weapon, by doing so will boost that equipment by 20% base power. If you arent going to use CS Hammers, this is the best way to get good gear, if anything atleast your weapon. Along with gear are capes and wings. Capes and wings, just like gear should be statted the same. Another aspect of RoM are set bonuses, these set bonuses offer specific stat and skill bonuses for each partial / complete set. To offer the highest Pdef, set bonus and set skill bonus availible, I strongly suggest the folowing:

1. Plate helm (Plate set bonus)
2. Plate chest (Plate set bonus)
3. Plate gloves (Plate set bonus)
4. Chain belt (Gives Stamina when plussed)
5. Plate leggings (Plate set bonus)
6. Plate boots (Plate set bonus)

b. While leveling up in RoM, you will come across quest completion armor. This armor is more than enough to accomplish levleing and tanking in an instance at your perspective level. However I’ll will mention some Platemail armor set bonuses for your information. Furthermore, there are some sets in RoM which do not come from an instance, these sets do not give the HP bonus that the "real" sets give. Lastly when making set peices, you will find that the practice of going from one complete set to another maybe pricey. It is completly ok to mix / match set peices for different set bonuses untill you get the next complete or partial set.

c. Clops set. This set is the hardest in the entire game to fully attain. While at a glance the set bonus is arguably the "best", it may not be the best, but it is still good untill later on in the game.

1. 2 peices = 10% Aggro
2. 4 peices = 10% Aggro, 100 Parry
3. 5 peices = 10% Aggro, 100 Parry, 10% Stamina
4. Ghost stats + set bonus: (1680 HP, 10% Aggro, 100 Parry, 10% Stam)

* Red Thunder Breastplate: 480 HP
* Red Thunder Helmet: 420 HP
* Red Thunder Leg Armor: 420 HP
* Red Thunder Spaulders: 360 HP

d. Black Triumphs Armor (Dragon Fang Ridge set)

1. 2 peices = 40 Stamina
2. 3 peices = 40 Stamina, 300 MP
3. 4 peices = 40 Stamina, 300 MP, 400 HP
4. Ghost stats + set bonus: (240 Stam, 2668 HP, 600 MP)

* Black Triumph Armor: 35 Stam, 672 HP
* Black Triumph Gloves: 25 Stam, 504 HP
* Black Tirumph Head Piece: 30 Stam, 588 HP
* Black Triumph Shoulders: 30 Stam, 504 HP

e. Lurker Armor: This set is from Origin, but its a small temporary set that you really dont need.

1. 2 peices = 240 Parry
2. Ghost stats + set bonus: (2457 HP, 42 Stam, 84 Dodge, 60 Damage, 3% Aggro, 528 Parry Rate)

* Colorful Lurker Armor: 936 HP, 84 Dodge, 144 Parry Rate
* Lurker Boots: 702 HP, 144 Parry Rate, 3% Aggro
* Lurker Helmet: 42 Stam, 819 HP, 60 Damage

f. Knight Scarlet set: (Dalanis Vendor) Willl post information as son as I find it.

g. Tiktaalik King (Heart of the Ocean) set. This set would be the next set after the clops set. This set may be mixed with some of the Clops set or Lyk set or both.

1. 2 peices = 80 Stamina
2. 4 peices = 80 Stamina, 192 Parry
3. Ghost stats + set bonus: (3060 HP, 340 PAtk, 408 Parry Rate, 144 Stam, 45 Damage, 126 Dodge Rate)

* Tiktaalik King Body Armor Breastplate: 720 HP, 108 Parry Rate, 45 Damage
* Tiktaalik King Helmet: 32 Stam, 630 HP, 270 PAtk
* Tiktaalik Leg Armor: 630 HP, 270 PAtk, 63 Dodge Rate
* Tiktaalik Scale Gauntlet: 540 HP, 270 PAtk, 63 Dodge Rate
* Tiktaalik King Shoulder Gaurds: 32 Stam, 540 HP, 108 Parry Rate

h. Destruction Armor set (HoS). This set is a very good end game set, aswell as the next one. This set may be mixed with other sets just as the previous one, on a side note this complete set looks very nice too .

1. 3 peices = 80 Stamina, 80 Strength
2. 4 peices = 80 Stamina, 80 Strength, 384 Parry
3. Skill Set (5 peices): Lion King Battle Roar Knight (AoE+ Taunt)
4. Ghost stats + set bonus: (320 Stam, 5049 HP, 510 PAtk, 85 Damage, 80 Strength, 255 Parry Rate, 119 Dodge Rate)

* Destruction Battle Armor: 60 Stam, 1224 HP, 85 Damage
* Destruction Hand Protector: 918 HP, 510 PAtk, 85 Parry Rate
* Destruction Heavy Boots: 60 Stam, 918 HP, 85 Parry Rate
* Destruction Helmet: 60 Stam, 1071 HP, 85 Parry Rate,
* Destruction Shoulder Armor: 60 Stam, 918 HP, 119 Dodge Rate

i. Knight Falcon set (ZS / HoDL)

1. 2 peices = 140 Stamina
2. 3 peices = 140 Stamina, 140 Dodge Rate, 240 Parry
3. SKill Set (4 peices): Full Moon Cleave Knight (AoE)

k. Beastman Set (RT)

4. Accessory Sets: When dealing with accessories, its important to note the bonuses you get from partial, or complete sets. While some may focus more on crit, damage, or PAtk, you may want to tailor your tank to either of those three main traits.

a. Heroic set: This set is usually the first set a melee character will get while completing quests in RoM. The necklace is at lvl 18, a ring at lvl 24, two earring one at lvl 30 and another at lvl 35, and a last ring at lvl 40.

1. 2 peices = 120 HP
2. 4 peices = 120 HP, 10 Damage
3. 5 peices = 120 HP, 10 Damage, 15% Crit Damage

b. Labyrinth Set(s) Unlike the lower level accessories, these accessories give ghost stats. I will identify these by (G).

1. Labyrinth Army Set = (3 peices = 144 Parry Rate), 720 PAtk, 252 Dodge Rate, 204 Parry Rate (total Ghost stats and set bonus)

a. Labyrinth Army Ring (G) 360 PAtk, 84 Dodge Rate
b. Labyrinth Army Earring (G) 360 PAtk, 84 Dodge Rate
c. Labyrinth Army Necklace (G) 84 Dodge Rate, 60 Parry Rate

2. Labyrinth Vitality Set = (3 peices = 144 Physical Critical Hit Rate), 1080 PAtk, 324 Physical Critical Hit Rate Rate (total Ghost stats and set bonus)

a. Labyrinth Vitality Ring (G) 360 PAtk, 60 Physical Critical Hit Rate
b. Labyrinth Vitality Earring (G) 360 PAtk, 60 Physical Critical Hit Rate
c. Labyrinth Vitality Necklace (G) 360 PAtk, 60 Physical Critical Hit Rate

3. Labyrinth of the Scorching Sun = (3 peices = 360 PAtk), 1440 PAtk, 180 Wisdom (total Ghost stats and set bonus)

a. Labyrinth Ring of the Scorching Sun (G) 360 PAtk, 60 Wisdom
b. Labyrinth Earring of the Scorching Sun (G) 360 PAtk, 60 Wisdom
c. Labyrinth Necklace of the Scorching Sun (G) 360 PAtk, 60 Wisdom

5. HP/Patk/Tier requirements for instances: (Note, these numbers are generic and may be higher or lower than what you might have experienced, but these are the numbers myself and others have had with these instances)

(NOTE: You should have atleast 1.5 to 2 times Pdef as HP, Example: 10khp ~ 15kPdef+, 50khp ~ 75-80kPdef…) If your statting right, you should have that avg)

a. HP:
Clops = 8-9kHP
KS = 9-10kHP
TT = 10-12kHP
IDK50 = 12-14KHP
HoTo = 15kHP
Origin = 20kHP Unbuffed
HoS = 25kHP+
DoD = 30kHP+
ZS = 35kHP+
HoDL = 40kHP
WA = 55kHP+
RT = 55-60+

b. PAtk:
Clops = 1.5-2k
KS = 2k
TT = 2k.5+
IDK50 = 2.5 – 3k+
HoTo = 4k+
Origin = 4k
HoS = 5k+
DoD = 8-9k+
ZS = 10-14k
HoDL = 10-14k+
WA = 15-20+
RT= 21+

c. Weapon tier:
Clops = 6-7
KS = Same as clops
TT = T7
IDK50 = T7
HoTo = 7-8
Origin = 7-8
HoS = 8-9
DoD = 8-9
ZS = 9
HoDL = 9
WA = 9
RT = 9-10

d. Shield tier:
Clops = T3
KS = T3/4
TT = T4
IDK50 = T4
HoTo = T4/5
Origin = T4/5
HoS = T6
ZS = T6
HoDL = T6
DoD = T6
ZS = T6
HoDL = T6
WA = T6
RT = T6

e. Pdef (If any one can remember these numbers?, or if you are tanking it now, what would u say these numbers are?)
Clops =
KS =
TT =
IDK50 =
HoTo =
Origin =
HoS =
ZS =
HoDL =
DoD =
ZS =
HoDL =
WA = 75-80k
RT = 118k

* WWS is based off of Mainhand Weapon DPS AND Sheild tier, so naturally the higher tier of both would be best.*

6. Stats:

a. Every class in RoM receives a class specific set of attributes per stat. While every class does not get the same from Stamina and Strenght for example, they will benifit from other stats. Knights however gain the most HP and Pdef per Stamina over every other class. You get a total of 6 stats per peice of gear, I suggest you use those 6 stats as wise as you can.

b. Most end game players have a certain ratio for statting their gear. They pick the best two stats for thier class and outline a ratio for their gear. As knights we must be able to take all the hits the enemies deal to us, and keep aggro. In order to take the hits, we must stat with stamina and to keep the aggro, we must use strenght. Stamina and Strenght are our main stats (NOT HP, but Stam). I suggest a ratio of 4 Stamina:2 Strenght per peice of gear. Some of the lower instance gear (Clops) will come with stats already on it. This is what we call dirties. It is best to have clean peice of gear to use all 6 stat slots, but if not, just go with 3 Stam:2 Strenght ratio.

c. See the following link for information on stats:; and the following link for help on statting:

d. An example of the ratio would be:

1. Plate helm
PAtk stat

2. However, when you progress further enough to start aquiring Yellow stats it is very important that you still maintain a set ratio and visualize the secondary stat on the yellow as a useable added bonus (anything for melee in general). Example (HoTo Stats):

Plate helm:
Armor (Stam/Mdef)
Pioneer (Stam/Pdef)
Repentance (Stam/Wis)*May substitute for Stam XI or better due to rarity of preist stats*
Fright (Stam/Dex) (May use Stam/HP too, as Dex is mainly for leather wearers.)
Razor (Str/Patk) (Main Threat stat)
Ravage (Str/Dex) (A better one, in terms of Pa is Dex/Pa, but thats mainly a leather wearers stat, but good communication counts when rolling)

*Wisdom is great for Mana and Mdef, Dexterity is great for PAcc and Dodge rate.

7. Runes:

a. As a rule of thumb, I treat runes as part of my gear, likewise I keep a certain ratio for them. With all the great runes for gear, I tend to have a few favorites that I will break down between CS and Non-CS.

1. (Non CS) Aggression (Str/Patk)
2. (CS) Block (Stam/Pdef) Or (Non CS) Attonement (HP/Stam)
3. (Non CS) Guts (Stam/Wis)
4. (Non CS) Potential (All Stats)

b. Some good runes for your weapon are as follows:

1. (Non CS) Hatred (Aggro increase)
2. (Non CS) Aggression (Str/Patk)
3. (Non CS) Revolution (Patk/Dex)
4. (Non CS) Fatil (Crit increase) Or
5. (Non CS) Agile (Str/Dex) Or
6. (Non CS) Might (Str/Stam)

*Wisdom is great for Mana and Mdef, Dexterity is great for PAcc and Dodge rate.

c. While your starting to tank and level in RoM you will acquire T3 runes, these are very acceptable pre-end game runes to use on your gear. T3 runes are very good, however once you reach end game content you might start to use T5 runes on your gear. See the following link for rune information:

8. Aggro / Skill Rotation:

a. Knights are the only class in RoM that is provided Aggro generating skills. Aggro is basically the enemies hate on you. It is not a taunt and it is not DPS. It is however based on your Mainhand DPS as a knight. Our aggro skills greatly outwiegh any non aggro DPS from the DPS’ers in your group in terms of hate if used correctly. In any MMO, the enemies will hate / focus their damage towards whoever has more aggro in the group. Every tank is provided the necassary skills to get and keep aggro over the group, again, if used correctly.

b. In RoM, the enemies are usaully grouped up into 2, 3, 4, 5, even 6 per group in instances. The safest way to engage the groups of enemies is to pull a specific single one. In any MMO, the person who comes in first contact the a mob of enemies is the one who has initial aggro by default. Therfore, the knight should pull the enemy if able. The initial pull has a very low aggro level on the entire mob, but it is thier first target, untill some one else AoE’s or gains aggro by striking them. While some pulls require CC, you dont need CC on every pull. Once the tank pulls, the tank should AoE to gain aggro on the whole mob once their all in range. The tank will have ease in keeping aggro with the "Main Tank" or "Raid Focus" feature (This can be activated by right clicking on the tanks picture and using the given features), this will ensure your group is targetting the enemy you are targetting, so you will not "loose" aggro to the DPS in the group.

c. Once you engage a group of enemies, you MUST AoE (Only if there not gonna be CC’d) and focus on the single one that the group deems to die first. Some groups engage in a specific kill order, IE: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc (Numbering can be done by right clicking the target(s) and using the numbering system). This kill order will be used by the entire group so no one will cross target or break a CC or take aggro from the tank. Kill orders are VERY usefull in some instances. Once youre focusing on the first one to kill, and the mob engages the group, you AoE and begin striking that target, then move to the next one after the first one dies.

d. Skill rotation. While there is no situation the exact same as the last, for the most part. There is no perfect rotation of skills, there may be a situation where you must AoE, or not AoE, or choose between Threaten and Mana Return. No one else will watch for the mobs’ movement, threat or watch for incoming mobs like the tank. It is your job to react in every situation to keep every one alive and keep aggro on the mobs. That being said, a generic skill rotation, at best would be the following: (this is only for 1 boss which will remain stationary for the whole fight with no adds being spawned)

1. Pull with Shock or Charge, which ever one seems best at that time.
2. Hatred Strike
3. WWS
4. HS Spam x3-5
5. Threaten (there will be 3+ seals on the target, and WWS will be off of CD)
6. WWS
7. HS Spam
8. Mana Return
9. Threaten
10. Repeat from step 3

*Rotate Mana Return and Threaten as needed, also use your Phirus potions and Mana potions.
* Rotate Disarmament into the rotation, this will put a 12% Pdef debuff on the target.

9. Sword and Board or 2H?

a. 1H Sword and Board (Shield) is best to start tanking with, you can use this setup in every sittuation. The Sword and Board setup is the best setup for full spectrum tanking, as in AoE control. This is however not the best setup for full potential aggro, as 2H are generally Higher DPS (Higher Aggro) than 1H.

b. 2H weapons are the best for full potential aggro tanking. This is however not suited for AoE control, only for single target tanking. Use a 2H for single target tanking where there is no mobs or adds, only one target.

c. Some people use macro’s to switch between 1H Sword / Sheild and 2H, I however do not. This can be done manually as well. I am not against or for the use of macro’s, if you do or do not use it, just make sure you get the job done.

10. Skills:

Main Aggro Skills

a. Holy strike: This skill is one of your main tanking skills, this is fully spammable and is key while WWS is on CD. This skill has a direct aggro multiplier of x5 the damage you deal on HS. *Upgradeable*

b. WWS: This skill is your main AoE aggro skill, another main skill. It has a 5 second CD, but it has a direct aggro multiplier of x10 the damage your WWS skill does. (Note: This skill’s power is based from your Mainhand DPS AND Sheild Tier) *Upgradeable*

c. Hatred strike: This skill is your initial aggro bosst skill. When you engage the mobs or boss, you use this skill with WWS and HS spam for the highest aggro you can attain. It has a CD of 1 minute. *Upgradeable*

d. Threaten: This skill boosts your aggro while your attacking the enemy or enemies. This skill lasts 8 seconds and is only usable with 3 Holy seals on the target. *Upgradeable*

Main Defensive / Mitigating Skills

e. Enhanced Armor: This buff gives your platemail a Pdef buff. It is needed to "take the hits" as the tank. *Upgradeable*

f. Defensive Technique: This skill is a good complement to Enhanced Armor, it lets you parry at a certain rate.

g. Holy Sheild: This will protect you and all your party members in range from physical damage for 5 seconds.

h. Resolution: This will increase your HP for 60 seconds, has a 60 second CD. *Upgradeable*

i. Sheild of Valor: This skill will increase your Pdef for 30 seconds. *Upgradeable*

j. Sheild of Discipline: This skill will abosrb a certain percentage of magical attacks on you and deals 100 damage back to the attacker for 30 seconds. This is most useful in PvP moreso than PvE. *Upgradeable*

Semi DPS Skills

k. Punishment: This skill is not related to any aggro you must produce as a tank. It is purely DPS. *Upgradeable*

l. Disarmament: This skill is not related to any aggro you must produce as a tank. It is purely DPS. But this skill is very usefull for tanking, moreso than Punishment. It stacks a Pdef Debuff on the target for 8 seconds, 3% Pdef debuff per stack, up to 4 stacks, for upto 12% pdef debuff for 8 seconds. *Upgradeable*

Main Utility Skills

m. Shield of Attonement: This will not interupt or stun a mob or boss in RoM, but is handy in PVP and PVE as it will prevent white/regular attacks. *Upgradeable*

n. Shackles of Light (Rank 1, Rank 2, Rank 3): This root your target(s) infront of you for upto 6 seconds. *Upgradeable with Charge*

o. Holy seal: This skill is a buff on you which adds very little DPS the the target but allows you to use the following skills:

1. Threaten
2. Mana Return
3. Shock (can use this on target without seals, but has a better effect with 3 seals on target)

p. Charge: This will stun your target infront of you for up to 3 seconds (6+ for mobs/bosses). *Upgradeable and upgrades Shackels of Light*

q. Sheild of Truth: This skill will immune you from a stun for 15 seconds. Most useful in PvP rather than PvE, in most casses.

r. Hall of Dead Hero’s: This skill will block a certain level of damage for the group and increases their movement speed by 10% for 30 seconds if any one die’s. A 10 minute buff on you.

s. Shock: This skill will interupt a skill and provide a small stun affect. The stun will last upto 3 seconds provided you have 3 seals on it, it stuns 1 second per seal. *Upgradeable (the damage affect, not the stun duration)*

t. Mana Return: This will replenish a potion of your used mana. *Upgradeable*

Passive Utility Skills (No activation needed)

u. Resilience: This will upgrade your Stamina. *Upgradeable*

v. Devotion: This will increase your mana. *Upgradeable*

w. Plate Ability: At level 24, this skill will let you wear platemail.

11. Other Tips:

a. Phirus potions: Play the Malatina game (Survival Game), located in Logar for a chance to win phirus potions. These potions are great and act as an upgraded HP and Mana potion.
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Knight builder guide
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