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 Grafu Castle guide

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PostSubject: Grafu Castle guide   Tue Oct 09, 2012 9:05 am

Boss 1: Cayus (jack in the box) - thanks Mattyb for the names, my memory sucks (4 mentos)

This boss is interesting to put it mildly. He doesn’t have the bottom portion of his legs, instead he’s on springs attached to a box that he uses frequently for a weapon. If I’m not mistaken he’ll often swing into a 2 strike attack, using his body for the 1st strike and the box for the second. With just priest buffs and 43k hp I’m able to tank this boss on easy. He does have some aoe’s though, as one player we took in with 15k hp was one shot by him.

But that’s all fluff and not the meat of the boss fight, surviving that will only mean you’re capable of running the instance, not clearing the boss.

The boss will spawn boxes several times throughout the fight. Beforehand he will go immune and declare a box color. These colors correspond with the pattern on the floor as you enter. Indigo is green (??? what is RW smoking anyway?), Dusk is red, and Purple is obvious. Once he declares the box color you’ll be hit with a timed debuff (about 10 seconds). Move to the box color (asap, he also hits you with slow and fear effects at the same time) and use the box when the debuff has under 3 seconds left. You’ll get a buff called Close call that lasts for 3 seconds, and I believe protects you from the effects of the box. Caution: Everyone needs to use a box of that color!

Once the fight starts he debuffs the entire party with a mana drain. On easy it’s 2 percent, and it affects patk/matk.

- Whoever doesnt click on his box get hit by disaster. On normal u can survive the hit, on hard mode its 100m+ dmg (that means if u fail u die).
– Once you click on the box u get hit by a “closed call“. that does 30% hp damage.
– Forward flip is 35%hp
– Juggler knife is 30k fixed dmg (ignoring pdef)
– Juggler Trick is based on pdef. - Scootermtb
Boss 2: Ardmond (trainer) and Isaac (lion) – 6 mentos

Trainer has to be taken out first, appears to glitch if not. (Mamnoon) Isaac has aoe fears and heavy damage on normal. Additionally, If u kill Isaac first, Ardmond enters a Frenzy state where he hits much harder. A tank able to tank RT gold+ standing can tank Ardmond on frenzy state in Grafu normal mode (Scootermtb)

There are several barrels/buckets in the cage with the 2 bosses, a player may use the barrel once the fight starts to be given a food item which can then be used to "aggro" Isaac away. Sort of an involved CC for the sidekick, duration unknown. This boss has been the easiest in the instance by far.

- On Normal mode, if Ardmond enter a frenzy state u ned around 250k pdef and 120k hp to stand it, on hard u need 300k+ pdef and 150k+ hp.
– Once you click the bucket on the ground u get a meat in ur inventory to lure isaac.
– Isaac has an “armor break“ debuffs that cuts ur pdef and its stackable. If it gets to 3-4, you are pretty much with close to 0 def.
– Ardmond “Feral Attack“ is 360o aoe that deal %hp damage (forgot how much). Run away from it – including the tank (middle range skill – maybe 100).
– Ardmond Feral Bash is based on pdef i believe. - Scootermtb
Boss 3: Boro-boro Brothers (Thanks Salonius) – 9 mentos

Aoe’s are gonna be a big help here, as a player will be turned into a pillar/bell that has to be destroyed. Reminded me of Medusa’s rocks.

On easy mode the hit is weak but on normal mode, the 3rd boss hit named “Acupunture“ or something alike is a 90% hp hit (magical dmg, can use cake to avoid or any skill that reduces mdmg received). The improsment pillar on easy mode have 100k hp but on normal mode they have 700k hp (they have def as the trash, so u can hit them hard – a good dps with pots on can 2-3 hit kill it). – Scootermtb
- The cage has 700k hp on normal and 2m hp on hard (1 dps alone wont burn it fast enough on hard after music/pots wears off)
– The boss has a debuff called “antagonizer“ that increases aggro of the person. If a dps gets it – try to step away to not make excessive aggro.
– Acupunture torment is 90% hp. Hits everyone near the person that he called (yellow msg on screen, something like “Scootermtb, are you trying to escape“ i think – correct me if thats the wrong message). The named person has to move away fast and 1 healer urgent him to full. - Scootermtb

Boss 4: Conjurer Chapeaunoir (thx again Salonius) - 8 mentos

To start this boss fight you have to catch all of the bunnies, the last one caught spawns the boss.

One of his main "attacks" is he debuffs 2 people, one is placed in a giant hat (3 on hard - Pazzuzu) with a evil looking bunny, and another is turned large. The player who is turned large has to use the hat to release the other player. Players need to spread out from hat as anyone near may be turned into a flower, including person in the hat and the "giant" player.

The boss also has several debuffs with differing effects.

Conjurer’s Flower
Effect: Poison Tentatively Confirmed: Druid skill Antidote removes debuff - Treelol

Chapeaunoir’s arcane magic makes you take on the appearance of a flower. Your consciousness starts to blur around the edges, like you’re about to wither away.
Aside from turning you into flowers this debuff also has an aoe pulse that hits you and those around you, and the debuff reduces healing on you by 90% – Treelol. You have no control over your actions. Speculation: you may need to be spread out as this buff may turn others into flowers as well,unproven.

Conjurer’s Rabbit
Effect: Harmful Effect Speculation: Priest Cleanse skill may be used to remove this debuff

You’re under the misguided impression that you’re a rabbit…Or???
Under this debuff you have very few HP’s (<500 so far on easy) but you can control your movements.

Conjurer’s Squirrel
Effect: Curse Speculation: Druid skill Purify may remove the debuff

What is this place?! You’re utterly convinced that you’re a squirrel, scurrying about this way and that in a rodent panic.
You’re completely at the mercy of the Fear effect with this debuff, absolutely no control over your movements at all.

Shuffle The Deck: This seems to be an aoe dot that resets aggro, he tends to use it close to the end of the fight.

Requested information: When put into the hat there is a rabbit there, if anyone has any information on the function of the rabbit it would be appreciated.

Boss 5: Lavanger Barkud – 10 mentos

If you’ve been questing and doing the Toni/Morrock quests in LoM you’ll recognize this guy. I believe to complete the quest for him in this instance you’ll have to do it on hard mode.

At the start of the fight the boss will not attack but will spawn waves of adds. Along both sides of the room are usable food items. Following a pattern for using the foods will kill the adds, they don’t hit hard (easy) but are difficult to kill themselves.

The pattern is this: Meat (placed in center of the room) will aggro all the mobs and draw them in to itself. Wine will douse the mobs in a radius (use over the meat) and the Candle will burn them. Mage and warrior aoe’s help here as well. The Soup can slow down the mobs, guessing it’ll be useful for buying some time for the meat.

Once the waves of adds are gone the boss strikes. And he’s tough, even on easy. We were not able to defeat him (not a ringing endorsement is it?). He cast a aoe poison gas that on easy was striking for around 13k a tick (we’re thinking it’s percentage based because the values for everyone were different).

Keeping spread out and moving around appeared to help with the poison gasses, which seems to target 2 players when cast (Mattyb/Charliebananas).

- He summon adds for 3m45sec then a yellow msg pops “get warmed up“
– 15 sec after the msg he will appear and atk.
He cast a toxic corrosion that deals 105% hp to the target who has the debuff. That person has to cake/bubble or use any skill that reduces mdmg received. The 1-hit debuff is called "Smirkly Poison" and any druid primary or secondary can cast "antidote" on the person to remove the debuff and avoid the 105% hp dmg

Poison cloud on ground hits with %hp too i believe

Thx – Scootermtb for the above tips. Additionally he’ll name the player that he’s going to hit with this move, and he casts it pretty frequently. I tried interrupting it with BC but to no avail. Party should probably be carrying Rainbow Crystal Candy for this fight.

Boss 6: Lord Grafu (hard only)

no info is currently available for this boss

Boss 7: Annelia (hard only)

no info is currently available for this boss, I expect bears though


There’s not a whole lot of trash in the instance, but we entered on Normal and the 1st mob (a roller skating clown) charged one of us and one shot him. Be aware of the stuffed teddy bears as they come to life once you near them.

That’s it, feel free to comment or add any additional information for sharing. I’m particularly interested in the first boss and those pesky boxes.

Edit: I will have to add that this is one of the most visually interesting and entertaining instances I’ve come across, I have a feeling that once I’m running it regularly it will be one of my personal favorites.

Also, while gear from easy does drop dirty, the stats are still pretty decent, even the greens, and the gear is a little better than zs/dl gear but without the set bonuses, perfect for dirty statting to get into content.
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Grafu Castle guide
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