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 Sardo Castle guide

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PostSubject: Sardo Castle guide   Tue Oct 09, 2012 9:07 am

1st Boss | Horatio Tia (Mamnoon) | <Mento value>

Be sure everyone is ready before stepping over the thresholds in this instance, as the aggro range for the boss fights is minimal, several of our party were locked out when they didn’t come in as a group.

From MamnOOn: Basically when you run in, 3 barrels will spawn. Immediately after 3 adds will spawn with about 300k hp.
The tank must aggro the adds while the dps takes them down. Kill the barrels as close to the catapults as you can without them hitting the catapults. – They can destroy the catapults: wolfowl77

After killing the barrels they will drop exlposives. If you click on the explosives you’ll get a 20s buff that allows you to shoot the flaming rocks out of the catapult. Those do the most significant damage to the boss.

Have 3 people signed to the catapults, but also dpsing between barrel kills.

You can do up to 3 shots with the catapult before the buff runs out.

You also cannot specificly target the boss with the catapult, you have to target the ledge just under him (as high as you can go).

From: mrmisterwaa: It’s a lot safer for the party to concentrate on the mobs and barrels so the person in the catapult doesn’t have to do anything but kill the boss.
Originally Posted by HouseMD
There appears to be a glitch where after clicking the gunpowder and you get a 20 second buff, the buff will disappear. I am hoping someone can explain why this happens every so often. When this doesnt happen I can usually hit the big shot 5 or 6 times.
It’s a good idea imo for whoever is doing the catapults to get in all of them and set up their aim in the early stages of the boss fight. Doing so means you only have to click the catapult and start firing, regardless of the catapult used.

Boss 2 | Jacklin Sardo (mrmisterwaa) | <Mento Value>

He has a little over 12m HP, doesn’t hit that hard on the tank. The boss will casting only one spell every 20 – 25 seconds and it’s called, "Merging Rune". Merging Rune is about a 5 second cast and the does the following: It applies three buffs onto three random people in the party (not sure how this would apply to Hard-mode when it comes out.)
The name of each of the three debuffs: Freezing Rune (Decreases Attack & Casting Speed) Melting Rune (Receives 25% More Damage) Exhaustion Rune (Recieves ??% Less Heals) Those debuffs MUST be removed otherwise when he completes his second cast of Merging Rune, the entire party will be hit for 100k damage.

In order to remove those debuffs you need to do the following: Three traps will spawn once you are in combat with the boss their names correspond to the names of the debuffs. They all have ~80k HP. Freezing Trap Melting Trap Exhaustion Trap When the trap is attacked (and you gain aggro of it), it will start attacking you and place a debuff DoT on you (ticks for 10,000 true damage every 2 seconds.). Once the trap is killed, if someone in the party has it’s corresponding debuff. It will be removed. (If someone has Freezing Rune and you kill The Freezing Trap, the debuff will be removed.)

Sometimes the debuffs will bug and you will have to kill the trap a second time. If you do cannot, that debuff is permenent. I have noticed that after killing the trap, it is best to run close to the rest of the party (as it removes it faster.)

So tl;dr version of the boss fight. Burn as much as you can for the first 25 seconds. Boss will cast Merging Rune Kill all traps once or twice (don’t kill it again if it removed the debuff from a player.) Continue to burn the boss until dead. Best party composition for this boss fight would be 2 healers, 1 tank, 3 DPS. P/X + D/X seems to work the best as it allows for an equal distribution of heals to all targets and designate one single person to kill the traps (or have 2 DPS concentrate on the traps, preferably ranged.) If you have a single person DPS’ing the traps down after a Merging Rune. Please remember that the DoT’s from each trap do stack and can do 10,000 each (30k every 2 seconds) and even more if you have the Melting Rune debuff.

Boss 3 | Lanaik | <Mento value>

Passage to 3rd boss:

From mrmisterwaa: involves getting bottles of water from after the 1st boss by filling up Empty Bottles with buckets to fill em up.
You can disable the Devices that block each passage using the water, there is a chance the bottles of water can make the device die.

It’s possible to let the priests run through to the other side and res the entire party through the walls.

Casts the following spells: Heavy Pound XXXXXXXXXXXX (forgot the name)
This boss is extremely frustrating if you cannot burn him, as his strat involves a lot of kiting and it requires a very nimble party. (Fast acting.)

Every ~10 seconds, the boss will call out the name of a player in the party and run towards them and do a very powerful single hit to them. The boss will call out the name before jumping aggro towards you. I have noticed during this boss fight, it is best to have your pets out and constantly respawning them if they do as they boss will call out the name of your pets and chase it.

You cannot slow the boss, so don’t bother even trying. Best way to avoid the boss is to make sure you spellweaver potions, crystal candies and any other speed potions (buffs) to assist you in running away from the boss. It’s very difficult to coordinate this fight naturally without a good team. Video from EU server showed that it’s best for the person who is call to run away from the party and stick to the wall to avoid getting killed. Crystal candy on your hot keys to be ready if he gets too close.

Best party composition for this boss would have to be: 1 Tank, 1 Healer, 4 DPS. The faster you burn the boss, the less deaths you have to deal with. -mistermrwaa

ZaPuRai: "Kalon’s Wrath" is the percentage aoe that decreases armor. Additionally, it resets his aggro and increases in percentage damage every time he casts it.
"Strike of Fury" is a fear that targets one person, additionally fearing others around the target for 20 seconds.

After the 4th name is called, he’ll soon enter a brief phase where he yells "DIE nameoftarget." Around the 3rd name, anyone who hasn’t been called should position themselves behind a pillar. If your name is called, stick close to the pillar and be ready to run him into it when he yells out "die." This will result in all of his speed buffs disappearing, allowing the tank to safely pull aggro back.

"Heroic Power something-or-other" places a 5k dot and slows everyone. The slow can be cleansed off so it’s important to have it done. If you do not have a P/K in the party to cleanse the fear (haven’t tested if it works yet) healers should at least keep a regen on the feared ally. I’ve died many times to Kalon’s Wrath and the dot

Boss 4 | Experiment | 11 momentos (lelm27) | 10 mil HP

from ZaPurRai concerning elites leading to boss – Treat him like a boss. You don’t need to wait for 5 min cooldowns but it’s in your best interest to. As a trash mob with 6 million hp, you’ll want it to die as soon as possible.
20 seconds after aggroing him, he will stun the party for 5 seconds and hit for a flat 20k. Immediately after the stun, he will channel a skill called Falling Flame which will hit the party 3 times for 20% hp per hit. This attack will interrupt casts and holy aura will not save you from the interruption.

After 50% of his health is gone, Dark Healing will be channeled. This should be canceled.

It’s rinse and repeat every 20 seconds.

from lelm27 - Kill the 4 masked mobs around boss to desctivate boss shield to start fight. Behind each mob is a crystal that gives debuffs to the players that activate them. Debuffs are PA reduction, MA reduction, Aggro increase, and the 8k DoT. These buffs seem to be completely random, seems to be no logical order associated with them.
Start up with a normal dps burn making sure tank gets first hit. The first cast the boss does is "Strengthen Body" around 10 seconds into the fight which will decrease damage received for the boss. Around 20 seconds the boss jumps in the air and there will be "Annihilation Attack" which is about a 5 sec cast that will wipe the party if one of you doesn’t have the blood sacrifice debuff (8k dot) from one of the crystals.

After that your team has a 5-10 second window for DPS to burn as much as they can until he casts "Annihilation Beam" where he jumps in the air again and casts a huge laser beam at the ground that will tick for a good portion of your HP if you get hit by it, so spread out and run (use godspeed potion if possible). After the beam it’s rinse and repeat. Annihilatiom Beam is always after an Annihilation attack and before the next one.

*There is a golden writing in the middle of the screen when the boss is about to jump so you know when to run to your crystal.

**4 crystals mean you need to assign 1 person to each, since the blood debuff is random, to click on them in time.

***Crystals take 3 seconds to cap, giving you about a 2 second window

from ZaPurRai - He also has a frontal aoe he does from time to time whenever has a blue hue on his head. At this time the tank may be frozen and he will slowly lose health so it will have to be cleansed right away.
Also, the crystals cannot be spam clicked, as this will reset the capture timer.

Gauteikriistain’na Cashtei – Annihilation Attack
Vaistain’ Vaistain’ Vaistain’ – Annihilation Beam

from missjeanny31 - 4th boss all u need to do is click one crystal(yellow) forget the others. Keep one ranged attacker on crystal rest dps boss when he goes up and cast bar is 1/4 the way click crystal. Dont forget to move away from him as he lands small aoe around him. Dps a little til he goes back up for his beam attack and use speed pots to get away from it. During this phase your ranged should be looking for the yellow crystal again and get ready to click if needed for the next annhilation attack. Rinse and repeat.
Very Important: The person that is clicking the Yellow crystal be prepared to use Phirius pots. when u click the yellow u lose a huge chunk of life

from mrmisterwaa - Each Imprisonment Crystal has it’s own coloured Crystal just behind the white sparkling light.
Yellow: 8k Blood DoT every (second?) for 10 seconds. – This protects you from Annihilation Attack. IF YOU MISS THIS, YOU DIE.
Blue: I think this one is the Pattack Debuff (Greatly reduces Pattack of the player and Removes Any Pattack Buffs on the boss.)
Red: I think this one is the Aggro Debuff (You get Aggro from the boss but can easily be regained by the tank, This one removes any Pdef buffs on the boss.)
Green: I think this one is the Mattack Debuff (Greatly reduces Mattack of the player and Removes Any Mattack Buffs on the boss.)

Boss 5 | General’s Skeleton | <Mento Value>

[Passage to boss] The hall leading to the boss is lined with mobs that have very tough buffs, unknown at this time if they can be removed. Dps on them was slow as hell. In the middle of the hall will be rolling balls that can knock a player down and damage them. The mobs must be removed to move forward (there is a wall at the bottom of the ramp).
This boss is buffed like hell, and I could do only minimal dps to him as his pdef was very high (lvl 70 boss as well, so the level difference could have had a major impact here). The mage we had in the group was doing well with his dps so the boss may be vulnerable to magic damage.

from mrmisterwaa – You have to kill those mobs in a specific order.
Once you kill the RIGHT one first. It will not spawn again, it takes time to figure out the combination

Couple of things, there is a sword that spawns that we believe (unconfirmed) is used to eliminate the bosses buffs. He also occasionally summons an add that we are unsure of it’s purpose.

Then he’ll do a 2 combo attack, Abysmal Blow followed by another one that is a short range aoe that hits for massive damage. Despite being prepared for this move on a second run I had no time to hit my BC to see if I could interrupt it as the cast bar doesn’t show the correct time, it was only halfway through when the attack went off.
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Sardo Castle guide
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