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 Tiering Weapon Guide

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PostSubject: Tiering Weapon Guide   Tue Oct 09, 2012 9:26 am

So, we all see items with lots of green, yellow and red stats when inspecting other people’s equipment. Where the heck do they get it? The answer is simple. It’s made by players.

You can of course simply go to the auction house (AH) and buy some, but that stuff is EXPENSIVE. You should start to think about making your own.

How do you do that? It’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it. First order of business is at level 10 go to Varanas Class hall and get that transmuter activated! You will also need charges to go into it. You’ll get 10 free ones to get started shortly, you can buy them with diamonds, or phirius tokens, so click that gift shop icon and start saving!

Now we’ve got the basics done, you’re ready to go. Let’s say you’re a warrior. You like axes right? Of course you do. Let’s get a nice weapon going here. First, we have to find one. Go to the AH and look for items your level or slightly below.

When the durability is over 100 gives you a +20% bonus on all stats. Yes. That’s a good thing. You will always want to try and find a clean item (with no stats underneath the description) that is OD (over durability). If the durability is in white, it’s a substandard item for the most part and wait until you find an OD one. Best OD is 115-125, because it allows for equipment damage.

To start stating for tierinf your weapon u will need 3 fusion stones with the same stats. U can take fusion stone with 3 stats on it or 2 or 1..but whatever u choose the stats on 3 fusion stones MUST BE THE SAME!
Now for the 3 SAME fusion stones u need 3 items.

Next step is to open the arcane transmutor
U put there 1 fs and 1 item gear to make 1 mana stone. U do it this 3 times cause u need 3 mana stone the same tier.

NOTE: the item gear u need to take so u can make mana stone tier 4 is need to be lv 61 and above

Now since u have made the 3 mana stone tier 4 next is to put them in the arcane with the weapon and press confirm!

NOTE : When u put in arcane transmutor 3 mana stone the same tier and u push confirm then u make 1 mana stone with 1 tier up!

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Tiering Weapon Guide
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