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 Autulia Volcano quest guide

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PostSubject: Autulia Volcano quest guide   Wed Oct 10, 2012 7:39 am

Dead Tree Plains
Haman • Lordelain

[53] Watchtower - Take Trap-Making Materials (Rdb) to Lt. Lordelain at the watchtower in the Dead Tree Plains.
[55] Dealing with Scouts - Kill Naga Scouts.
Duo Bifish

[55][Daily] Killing the Hunter - Kill Deadwood Hunters.
Tan Greng

[55][Daily] Giant Caterpillar Steaks - Kill Swallow Walkers for their meat.
Titan's Hill Camp
Shtike Pula

[55][Daily] Volcanic Mud Skin Balm - Collect Flaming Volcanic Mud x20 (Rdb)
Walker Duckett

(min 54)
Mysterious Torrog

(min 54)
Steel Bridge of Cremation
Yashina • William Hasem • Ganoda

[55] Block? Help? - Kidnap a Zurhidon Investigator
[55] Ruined Appetite - Get the Zurhidon Investigator's confession
[55] Supporting the Front Line - Speak to William Hasem
[55] Front Line Report - Enter Black Snake Camp, find and help Ganoda
[55] Additional Plans - Get the Ankylar Oil
[55] Secret Operation - Set fire to Supplies and make the signal
[55] Foolish Ganoda - Find Ganoda before it is too late...
[55] "Retreat If You Can't Handle It" - Report to Yashina
[55] Scarlet Snake Guard Detail - Return to William Hasem
Gale Kloka

[55][Daily] Plunder Research Data - Collect 10 Research materials from the Zurhidon camp
Shalidor • Gracernia

[55] Lost Mimi - Bring poor, defenseless Mimi (Rdb) back home.
[55] Friendly Trade - Find Blossom (Rdb).

[55] Healing Medicine - Get Otyugh Gallbladder x10 (Rdb) from Wilderness Otyugh (Rdb).
Chi Visdon

[55][Daily] Claw of Death - Obtain Deathtouch Iguana Claw x10 (Rdb)

[55] Legend of Titans' Hill - Started by: Mysterious Crystal (Rdb)

Starting the quest line ENVOY OF THE DRAGONS

[56] Fractured Verge

Mysterious Torrog, Titan's Hill by the Transport Portal
1. Chat with Mysterious Torrog to get teleported
2. Talk to Aynara, Fractured Verge
138,376xp and 4,662g

[56] No Smoke Without Fire

Aynara, Fractured Verge
1. Chat with Aynara > I am ready
2. Talk to Aynara to teleport to Thunderhoof Hills in Zandorya
138,376xp and 4,662g
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Autulia Volcano quest guide
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