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 Elite Skills - Mage

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PostSubject: Elite Skills - Mage   Mon Oct 08, 2012 10:36 am

Elite Skills Mage


Essence of Magic
Raises magical attack by 10...310 points for 1800 seconds.

Can dispel curses from your target.

Flame and Fireball now have a higher chance to deal additional damage.

Rising Tide Mastery
Your Rising Tide is now an instant cast with a cooldown of 4 seconds.

Shine of the Holy Aura
Used with a Holy Aura, there is extra recovery of HP but all mana costs raise by 20 points.

Grand Dispel
Allows your Purify to also dispel harmful effects.

Successful Flame or Plasma Arrow hit has the chance to decrease the target's magical critical resistance for (Buff-Time-503277) seconds. (Can be used only once every 20 seconds.)

Magic Drain
50Steals the target's attack power, and lowers the target's magical and physical attacks by 2...10%. It will also increase your own magical attack by 2...10%. Effective for 15 seconds.


Holy Light Strike
Inflicts 35...735 points of Light damage on the target.

Stars of Light
The opponent is showered with exploding hexagrams of Light. For 5 seconds each second one flare explodes, dealing 25...525 Light damage.

Enhanced Holy Light Strike
Holy Light Strike now has a 30% chance to Stun the target.

Messenger of Light
When activated, all damage caused by your Light based spells is increased by 5...55%. This will last 600 seconds.

Light of Day
When you successful strike your opponent with Holy Light Strike or Light Charge, there is a chance to reduce the target's Light resistance for (Buff-Time-503279) seconds. (This effect will only trigger once every 20 seconds.)

Concentrated Attention
Causes your Messenger of Light to increase your magic accuracy.

Messenger of Light
In this state all your Light spells cause 5...55% more damage and your magic accuracy increases by 2...22 points for 600 seconds.

Energy Recovery
Causes your Energy Influx to boost your critical magical damage. While this is in effect, Holy Light Strike will also recover (DMG-503571) mana points.


Cursed Fangs
Puts a curse on your hidden weapons. For 12 seconds targets hit with these cursed projectiles suffer 16...256 points of Dark damage every 2 seconds. (As long as your Fang Ritual is active, additional 20...270 points of damage will be done.)

Kiss of the Vampire
Inflicts 30...405 points of Dark damage on your opponent and restores 30...330 to your HP.

Your target cannot attack for 6 seconds.

Fang Ritual
Raises the damage dealt by Dark magic by 1...15% for 600 seconds.

Conjures a phantasm to fool the target, so it doesn't notice you. You get the lowest place in the aggro table for 5 seconds.

Shadow Shroud
40Sinister magic shrouds your target, causing your Demoralize to additionally lower the target's magic defense.

Shadow Protection
Increases your casting speed by 1...10% for 300 seconds. If you receive a critical physical hit while it is in effect, your moving speed is instantly increased by 0...0% for (Buff-Time-503275) seconds. (This effect will only trigger once every 15 seconds.)

Gift of the Baron
50When you succeed in casting Kiss of the Vampire, there is a chance you will increase the damage of your next two magical attacks. Effective for (Buff-Time-503538) seconds.



A magic arrow binds the target for 5 seconds to his location. (The effect is removed when the target is attacked.)

Fire Arrow
The chance to inflict critical damage with magic attacks is increased by 30 and your Shot inflicts additional fire damage. This effect lasts for 300 seconds.

Fire Rose
Plants a rose seed inside the target that causes 8...88 Fire damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds.

Flame Spirit
Turns your flame energy for 40 seconds into concrete substance to support your attacks.

Power of the Wind
Increases magic accuracy by 5...17.5 points and adds Wind damage to your Shot for 300...1050 seconds.

Fire Rose Storm
May cause extra magical damage when you successfully launch a Fire Rose. (This effect will only trigger once every 20 seconds.)

Magic Crossflow
Raises the casting speed for the character and his pet by 1...10%. Effective for 25 seconds. (If the pet disappears, this effect will be cancelled.)


Magical Talent
Temporary increase the maximum MP by 50...550 points for 300 seconds.

Magical Enlightenment
Lets you regenerate 10...60 MP every 5 seconds for 300 seconds.

Elemental Explosion
Your chance to inflict critical damage with magic attacks is increased by 2...62 for 300 seconds.

Rage Mana
Convert your rage into 20...1020 points of MP.

Activate Mana
Transforms your mana into 5...45 points of rage.

Magic Boost
Lets your Berserk simultaneously raise your magic attack and physical attack while lowering your physical and magic defense.

Enhanced Intensification
Increases magic damage of your next 3 magic attacks. Also increases critical damage while in effect. Ends when expended or time runs out.

Meditative Current
Whenever you hit a target with Plasma Arrow or Flame, there is a chance of increasing your own casting speed. Effective for (Buff-Time-503533) seconds. (This effect can only be triggered once in a 20-second period.)


Temporarily increases your mana limit by 50...550 and magic attack by 30...330 for 600 seconds.

Magic Target
Temporarily increases your magic accuracy by 5...20 for 1800 seconds.

Control Flame
When your Eruption effect is triggered, magic attack increases by 8...28% . (This effect can only be triggered once every 20 seconds)

Green Guardian
After Mother Earth's Protection effect ends, restores 30...480 HP every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.

Magma Blade
Forms the power of earth and fire into a blade dealing 30...480 Fire damage and 30...480 Earth damage.

Boiling Rock
The critical hit rate for your Magma Blade's Fire damage is increased and its Earth damage can recover MP.


Earth Surge
Causes massive damage to target, but the chance of hitting the target is pretty low. Inflicts 140...2240 earth DPS.

Causes target to become absent minded, reducing magical accuracy by 5...17.5% for 20 seconds.

Flame Follower
The flame follower understands the flow of flame energy, reducing your Fireball cooldown by 1 second and increasing your Fireball critical rate.

Earth Groaning Wind Blade
Combines the power of earth and wind. The broken air makes the earth groan, inflicting 30...480 points of wind damage and 30...480 points of earth damage on the target.

Earth Scepter
Your done magical Earth damage is increased by 5...55% for 1800 seconds. If you learn Earth Scepter your Earth Surge cooldown will be increased by 3 seconds.

A successful hit of your Earth Groaning Wind Blade can recover MP.
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PostSubject: Re: Elite Skills - Mage   Mon Oct 08, 2012 4:36 pm

The ones missing and the level 60 elite skills


Boiling Impact (60)
Increases Rising Tide damage and transforms your Rising Tide into Fire Damage. It can also be affected by Eruption.


(A little correction)

Light Charge (35)
The power of Light enters your enemy's body with a violent shock, inflicting 40.0 + 0.30 x INT Light damage and Slowing him down by 10.0% for 5.0 seconds.
(This skill slows the target down by a maximum of 40.0%.)
(Players get slowed down by 10.0%.)

Light of Day (45)
When you successfull strike your opponent with Holy Light Strike or Light Charge, it instantly increases your Light damage for 15.0 seconds.
(After the effect has ended it cannot be triggered again for 20.0 seconds.)

Brilliance Award (60)
Reduces your Stars of Light chant time by half. Also increases target's Light damage by 3%. Can be stacked 5 times.


Night Refuge (60)
When Shadow Protection is in effect and you receive a normal attack, this instills Fear in the attacker for 3 seconds. It also immediately casts Kiss of the Vampire on the attacker. (After the effect has ended it cannot be triggered again for 15 seconds.)


(A little correction)

Fire Rose Explosion (30) (The rest are correct just move to levels 35/40/45/50)
Instantly ignites all Fire Roses planted in target, causing 70.0 + 0.80 x INT Fire Damage.
(Requires 3 seeds in the target.)

Flame of Fire (35) (2nd elite skill at 35)
Causes 40.0 Fire damage.
(Right-click to activate auto attack modus.)

Strength of Ashes (60)
After your Flame Spirit disappears, this provides you with an increase in Magical Damage. Lasts 20 seconds.


Meditation Path (60)
When you cast Fireball, Lightning, Discharge or Phoenix, you can achieve a mobile casting skill state. Lasts for 7 seconds.


Earth Attack (45)
Causes the damage range of Earth Pulse to become fan-shaped and reduces cooldown by 5 seconds. When it hits, it will increase earth damage inflicted on the target.

Elven Mystic (50)
Using ancient Elven magic lets you concentrate magical energy inside your body for 40.0 seconds. While in effect casting offensive spells will give you the chance to get Energetically Charged. When this effect stacks 5 times, further casting of offensive spells will give you the chance of receiving Mystic Energy. Mystic Energy can be released to inflict 700.0 + 0.20x INT Wind Damage on your target.

Infiltration Spirit (60)
After a target is hit by your Earth Pulse, it causes an additional reduction of the target's Magical Defense.


Elves' Favor (45)
When you use Elven Amulet, any attack damage suffered while the effect lasts may cause your next two spell casting times to be 1 second. (Only triggers again 5 seconds after the Elves' Favor wears off.)

Earth Marking (50)
Earth Markings branded on your body will increase your chance to inflict critical damage with magic attacks by 25.0 for 30.0 seconds. When using earth spells this chance will be additionally increased by another 40.0 points. This effect can be stacked up to 10 times.

Follower's Ground (60)
While Earth Scepter is in effect, this provides an extra increase in your Intelligence and Stamina. Also your Absence will cause an additional increase in the Earth Damage received by the target.


Electric Explosion Expertise (15)
While in a Charged state, every Electric Explosion hit adds additional rage and recovers MP.

Brain Shock (20)
Ends the cooldown time for your Lightning and Discharge. Also increases Intelligence by 2.0% for 10.0 seconds.
The maximum level of this skill is 50.

Electric Current Arc (25)
Increases Plasma Arrow damage and continuously adds rage while in a Charged state.

Voltage Seize (30)
There is a chance to use this skill when a current inflicts continuous damage. Inflicts 100.0 + 0.40 x INT Wind Damage.
(This skill stat will increase and decrease based on equipment and target strength)

Energy Passage (35)
After a Static Field finishes, this skill inflicts an extra reduction of the target's Movement Speed by 40.0%.

Electrolysis Power (40)
Largely increases damage caused by Discharge and reduces the cooldown time by 10 seconds, but also cancels Stun effect.

Electrostatic Charge Expertise (45)
Reduces Electrostatic Charge cooldown time by 30 seconds.

Ion Storm (50)
Consumes 5.0 rage every second to cause 25.0 Wind Damage on most targets nearby. Also reduces wind attribute resistance by 2% for 8.0 seconds and can be stacked 10 times.
(This state ends when rage has been exhausted.)


Static Resonance (15)
Immediately resets the cooldown time for Electrostatic Charge.

Industry Fire(20)
Increases damage dealt by Soul Pain and transforms it into fire damage. Also inflicts extra fire damage when used.

Lightning Display (25)
Increases the effective time of Charged caused by the Plasma Arrow to 18.0 seconds and increases your Wind Damage.

Breath Erase (30)
Aggro is reduced by 10.0% for 5.0 seconds.

Elements of Pride (35)
You will receive Wind Spirit Pride effect when Flame is used, increasing the Wind Damage. You will receive Fire Spirit Pride effect when Electric Explosion is used, increasing the Fire Damage. These effects can be stacked individually up to 2 times. The effects last 13.0 seconds.

Soul Stepping (40)
For 6.0 seconds, allows you to move while casting any spell.
The maximum level of this skill is 50.

Deep Inspiration (45)
Immediately resets the cooldown time for Intensification and Energy Well.

Fire Lightning Burst (50)
Inflicts 60.0 + 0.20 x INT Fire Damage and 60.0 + 0.20 INT Wind Damage on target. If the target doesn't die during this attack, then the skill's cooldown time is immediately reset.
(After the effect has ended it cannot be triggered again for 6.0 seconds.)
(This skill stat will increase and decrease based on equipment and target strength)
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Elite Skills - Mage
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