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 Elite Skills - Druid

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PostSubject: Elite Skills - Druid   Mon Oct 08, 2012 11:01 am

Elite Skill Druid


Earth Chain
Inflicts 40...520 Earth damage to 3 targets within a radius of 60. Each hit does half the damage of the preceding hit. You will be rewarded 1 point of Nature's Power.

Spring of Blessings
Requires 2 points of Nature's power. Causes party members within a range of 120 to recover 15...180 HP every 2 seconds, for 12 seconds.

Shield of Light
Requires 3 power of nature points, bathing 3 friendly targets within a range of 60 in a shield of light that can absorb 50...1175 points of damage for 60 seconds. (Effect cannot be used in conjunction with Wave Armor)

When your Fireball hits there is a chance that you will be Inspired, reducing the casting time of your next spell to less than 1 second.

Spiritual Gush
Consumes 3 points of Nature's Power. Your MP cost for spells is reduced by 10...35% for 30 seconds.

Quick Help
When the effect of Rock Protection ends your will additionally recover MP and HP.


Natural Attack
Gathers the power of nature to launch an attack. Inflicts 80...280% main hand weapon DPS and 0.1% spirit damage. When you hit, you will receive 2 points of Nature's power.

Glory Wand
Requires 3 points of Nature's power. It will raise your attack speed by 1...9% and healing by 60...540 for 300 seconds. Plus, when you are physically attacked, a protective shield will appear that absorbs 45...495 damage for 8 seconds. (This buff can be triggered a maximum of once every 20 seconds.)

Cross of Thorns Attack
Requires 1 power of nature point. Launches a rapid double attack on the target. Inflicts 2 times 90...315% main hand weapon DPS + 0.1% wisdom damage on the target. Each successful hit may also restore 2 power of nature points to you.

Heart Piercing
Requires 1 power of nature point. Concentrates the power of nature in your body to launch multiple attacks on your target. Inflicts 100...400% main hand weapon DPS on target. Each successful hit can produce 15 points of rage.

Awakening of the Wild
Increases your and your party members' attack power by 40...440 and physical damage by 5...55 for 1800 seconds.

Healing Wind
Consumes 2 points of Nature's Power. Restores 65...715 HP to you and your party members in a range of 100.


Poisonous Widow Embrace
Summons the sinister plant, Poisonous Widow, to seize and attack your target. Inflicts 50...850 Dark damage and grants you 1 point of Nature's Power.

Speed Catalysis
Requires 4 points of Nature's power. Temporarily raises the physical attack and casting speed of party members within a range of 150 by 20% for 25 seconds.

Corrosive Poison
Corrodes your target, inflicting 16...224 points of dark damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds.

Necrotic Wound
Requires 2 power of nature points. Reduces healing received by target by 2...52% for 20 seconds.

Shadow Contract
Consumes 3 points of Nature's Power. Increases your maximum MP by 70...700, your Dark elemental power by 4...40%, and also reduces healing power by 4...40% for 600 seconds.

Magic Turmoil
Increases your magical critical hit rate by 5...75 for 20 seconds.


Camellia Flower
Causes target to recover 15...135 HP per second for 6 seconds. Can be stacked up to 3 times.

Life Guide
Causes you to recover HP every 2 seconds when you use Recover.

Healing Arrows
Requires 3 points of Nature's power. Restores 20...200 HP every 2 seconds to 5 friendly targets in range. Lasts for 12 seconds. (Requires ranged weapon.)

Group Exorcism
Requires 3 power of nature points. Removes harmful effects from multiple friendly targets within a range of 50.

Warm Spring
Consumes 4 points of Nature's Power. Recovers 30...255 MP every 2 seconds to party members in a range of 100 for 10 seconds.

Mother Earth's Blessing
Increases your healing power by 25...275 for 20 seconds. This effect ends after you have used healings spells for 3 times. (This spell will reward you 2 points of Nature's Power.)


Enhanced Briar Shield
Allows your Briar Shield to be used on other friendly targets. (Can only be placed on one player at a time and the restoration effect can only be triggered once every 8 seconds.)

Causes your Rockslide to cause additional Earth damage and may restore 1 point of Nature's power to you.

Extended Recovery
Prolongs the effect of your Recover spell by 6 seconds, and may restore 1 power of nature point.

Healing Ripple
Consumes 1 point of Nature's Power and restores 60...960 HP to up to 3 friendly targets in a range of 60. Each time healing power is halved.

Mysterious Grace
Increases your and your party members' magical damage by 15...90 for 1800 minutes.

Essence Extraction
Converts 10% MP into 4 points of Nature's Power.
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PostSubject: Re: Elite Skills - Druid   Mon Oct 08, 2012 1:56 pm

And here are the ones that got away along with the level 60/60 elite skills.


Holy Fury (45)
Increases the amount of damage caused by Mother Nature's Wrath when you do not have any of Nature's Power and lengthens effect time by 6 seconds.

Summer Banquet (50)
Increases the Parry Rate of a friendly target by 145.0 and the target's Maximum HP is increased by 5.0% for 300.0 seconds. Also, when they parry, you may gain the Power of Summer status which increases your Magical Attack Power by 5.0% and healing power by 5.0% for 30.0 seconds.
(This skill cannot be used on yourself.)

Sounds of Season (60)
Power of Summer that is triggered by Summer Banquet is transferred from a personal effect to a party effect.


Slash Fury (45)
Increases the range of your Slash, and upon hitting a target with Slash, it has a chance of increasing your healing and rage regeneration.
(After the effect has ended it cannot be triggered again for 20.0 seconds.)

Nourish (50)
It causes Nature's Power to be stored in a friendly target for 120.0 seconds. When the target's HP drops below 40%, it will immediately restore 15.0% HP and restore 2 points of Nature's Power to you.
(Healing effect requires a 20.0 second cooldown.)

Briar Technique (60)
When your Natural Attack, Cross of Thorns Attacks or Heart Piercing hits a target, you can earn the Briar Technique effect. This provides an extra increase of Physical Attack Power by 3% and of Wisdom by 3%. Can be stacked 5 times.


Curtain of Darkness (45)
Covers you in the power of darkness, permanently reducing magical damage received by 2.0% and making it so your Seed of Weakening and Withering Seed no longer require Nature's Power to recover their original abilities.
The maximum level of this skill is 50

Dark Moon (50)
Increases the Critical Physical Hit Rate and Critical Magical Hit Rate of a friendly target by 145.0 for 300.0 seconds. Also, when their attacks go critical, you may gain the Power of the Dark Moon status which increases your magic power by 5.0% and healing power by 5.0% for 30.0 seconds.
(This skill cannot be used on yourself.)

Wasteland (60)
Enables Earth Arrow to inflict extra Dark Damage. While the falling rocks are in effect, the target's critical hit rate resistance is reduced.


Brilliance of Nature (45)
Increases your maximum amount of Nature's Power up to 15.

Spring Flower Eulogy (50) When casting Camellia Flower, if the target's HP is lower than 50%, the effect will automatically be stacked 3 times. There is also a chance of restoring 1 Nature's Power to you. When Camellia Flower ends, it will restore additional HP.

Spring Carol (60)
Reduces your Warm Spring cooldown time to 30 seconds and gives your Camellia Flower an area effect.


Grace of the Forest (45)
Increases your mana by 500.0 and healing by 3.0% for 1800.0 seconds. Also, when you have Nature's Power it will additionally increase your maximum mana by 10.0% and healing by 3.0%.

Spirit of Life (50)
Summons a Spirit of Life brimming with the energy of the earth. It heals 100.0 + 1.0% HP to all friendly targets within a range of 70 every 4 seconds.
The Spirit of Life lasts for 40.0 seconds.

Briar Life (60)
Gives Briar Shield an additional increase in Received Healing. When Enhanced Briar Shield is triggered and MP are recovered, it causes an extra 70...294* healing effect with a range of 50.The maximum level of this skill is 50.
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Elite Skills - Druid
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