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 Rogue class combos - which one is good and not

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PostSubject: Rogue class combos - which one is good and not   Tue Oct 09, 2012 8:43 am

A shadowy, assassin-type class, much like warcraft. Leather gear, crit, damage, fast daggers and quick reflexes are what the Rogue is all about.

R/K: This particular Rogue is a very balanced build; Good, steady dps from the Rogue side, and added defense and HP from the Knight secondary to offset the Rogue’s natural squishiness. There are no real flaws in elites(patk raise, hp raise, etc), and the /k offers more than one skill to spam when energy is down. Great for tanking/off-tanking if geared enough.

R/S: This crit-happy Rogue is certainly the most classical one, and an easy build at that. /S lets you equip bows and xbows on the rogue side, while offering a few ranged skills(not enough to make you a ranged dps, per say, but good for solo’ing) on the side. As i mentioned before, this build revolves around crits and burst damage, sacrificing defense for damage.

R/M: This is your standard Rogue with an extra heaping of CC. This is certainly a skill-oriented build, with trap-laying elites lol. Some mdmg fireball and CC from the mage, including a Silence for those pesky casters. A good physical DPS build for PvP with Caster-silencing abilities.

R/W: Dual-weilding axes, stackable bleeds. Nuff’ said lol.

R/P: A Rogue with self-heals and a single magic(ranged) skill. Passive buffs include water resistance(PvP Priests), and magic resistance(Casters!!)

R/Wd: is a good Rogue with awesome elites. Many of them are hard-hitting, increase crit damage, auto self-heal upon taking damage, and one the reduces mdmg on you.

R/D: no
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Rogue class combos - which one is good and not
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